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“They are right when they’re right.”

business etiquette

When you open a business no matter what it is, there is a phrase that stands. And that phrase is that, “the customer is always right.” And you should remember that for as long as you are in business. But there are times where it doesn’t matter what the customer says, you should not accept their service. And that is tough when you and the customer know that the customer is right. Yet there are the times when people are so disrespectful they must go.

others who pay

The reason at times that the customer is wrong and you have to lose their business is because you have to think about the others who patronize your business. No one wants to lose customers, but when you are at risk of losing more then you have to, think about that as well. Some customers may want you to get rid of this person and are more irritated that you are catering to their bad behavior. So what do you do now, lose one or five people. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the one for the overall picture. Because you’re not going to be able to satisfy everyone.

your business your rules

You don’t have to care really what others think about your business if you feel this way. Hell, if you want to run it into the ground it’s your choice to do so. There is nothing in the human rule book that says you have to care about the customers that much. It’s something people say to make the customer feel welcome and make money. But it should not be used as something to dangle over your head either. So know when to care and when not to care.

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