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“Shopping in this era.”


At the age of 31, I am old enough to remember when shopping online was still considered an odd purchase. People would say, “You mean to tell me you’re using your credit card over the computer.” “How do you know someone won’t steal your information?” Now fast forward to today, we all use the internet sometimes more than the standalone stores. So what is to come of these brick and mortar stores in the future of shopping? I have worked in retail for years and have seen the results where stores are actually losing their inventory floors. And now they are forced to compact items because the cost is lower to the organization.


You are allowed the opportunity to bypass the entire experience having to deal with the complications of poor human service. You can look at the item, see in picture and/or video format, then make your buy. The idea of having to wait in a queuing system to be called next is a hassle. And some people will put their item back on the shelf if the line is not moving quick enough for them. They will either come back at a later time. Or try to find the item at a different store. But with all the changes that come with aiding the customer, we can’t ignore the downsides of not having a physical location to visit.

frequent concerns

The issues that arise from not having a brick or mortar business is not buying the item you saw on the internet. When images are shot on the internet they have well lit areas, showcased for the audience to see in its best light. Not always a representation  of the item you might be buying is tough considering you can’t just give it back. The time it takes to get the item sent back and get it again is way too time consuming. Most people either never use it, or give up and keep moving. And not to mention you now spend more money sending the item back and getting it again then buying the item.

out with the old embrace the new

You don’t have to like, but eventually brick and mortar stores will be showrooms. You will have to try on items and have them shipped to you. The need for having an actually store to purchase the items and walk out the store with a bag in hand is becoming irrelevant. And the retail associates jobs will be limited as well considering these showrooms don’t require much staff. So like it or not this is the change in times, so except.

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I am from Racine, Wisconsin where I was raised until I graduated high school back in the year 2006. That entire time growing up in my mother's house, I was a student athlete. My goal was to embark on a general business career or athletics. But injuries through sports stopped a sports path, so I decided upon business with a focus in marketing. While attending undergraduate school at University of Wisconsin-Parkside, I began to write screenplays in my senior year. At first it was for fun, but I quickly learned writing allow me to transfer negative energy into characters I created. This led to a decrease in depressing mood swings, which in turn boosted my quality of life. After undergraduate school in May of 2011, I move to New York City for graduate school. While pursuing my MBA, I continued to write screenplays, but always wanted to write novels as well. I finished graduate school back in the year 2014, but wrote screenplays until I began thinking of my first short film, first First Day Fears. While finishing my fifth feature length screenplay, I started to write my first novel this year. So far, I have finished my first short film and working on my next one (Freedomless Speech), and recently self published my first novel (The Boy Who Could Talk To God) and short stories book (Faheem Jackson Short Story Collection Volume 1). My feature length screenplays have been put on temporary hold to finish my short films and books, but I am making good progress on my sixth feature length screenplay. With year 2017 ending, I am currently writing my novel Precinct 86 and Faheem Jackson Short Story Collection Vol. 2. I have started teaching myself photography since 2018, along with my videography, podcast later on, and more research for my filmmaking.

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