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“Too much to keep fighting.”

i’m exhausted

For the past few centuries there have been social strife in America. From Native Americans losing rights and fighting for justice, to African Americans, Women’s rights, Hispanic, and members of the LGBT community. But the issues sometimes can make you feel a little worn out. And that is the point where so many people tap out of the game. We tap out and say I can’t do this anymore. We should just remain separate from each other. But if there are not the people who do fight, then how do some many people get and retain their rights.  Yet the constant fighting does make you ignore a lot in our society.

when you give in

You would think that with so many people willing to not fight things in society would kind of progress. But not without putting up a fight in our country. And that is why to a degree you cannot stop fighting. Because the reason why society has not reached its full potential is because we get a place of comfort. We never want to change things without force since the change is so new and not guaranteed. The same old same is what has worked, but the new is so vulnerable. But there is always a generation pushing for things to change and to counter attack is a group that is used to things being a certain way. And usually when things are a certain way, it only benefits a chosen few. And rest have to deal with whatever they get in life.

does it ever stop

I wonder will there ever come a time where people just exist in a space of existence. The sad reality is that as long as there is a group that feels underrepresented and pushed out there will be tension. But the reality is there will always be a group. Not just because of the inequality, it’s the numbers of are society. You are just going to have this segment, as well as a group that deviates from the norm. My only concern is what will be the next major fight in America? We have seen income disparities, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. But we have yet to have a major fight in this country over relationships. What will happen when we finally start to challenge marriage? How will that effect dating and marriage in this country? Maybe people will fight what marriage is in America? Because people themselves need a reason to push back against something, no matter how mundane.

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