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Whose going to sink or swim?”

bubble or not

In an age where so much is dominated by the market, what will be the company or companies that last? But also, what will be the companies that don’t last? Always remember that nothing last forever. And it all comes to an end at some point in time. So who will be the first to bite the dust? Because something will happen a major company; maybe not this year or next year, but it will.


There was social communication prior to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap Chat, there will be after. But can you imagine the downsides of a known tech firm. But the word tech and social media are not just the platforms we known. Yet still, you can’t but feel for the the employees who are forced to find new jobs because of the collapse.Then again, I don’t see happening anytime soon.


Companies in today’s society are known to be bought out so they are not having an worry of dissolving to company. Which is yet another reason a lot of companies don’t break down that easily. Companies that do dissolve are generally companies that are much smaller. The ones that are still popular enough to survive are bought by bigger more popular companies. But knowing when to pull out your investment in one of these companies is important so you don’t lose money.

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