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“Keeping the system going.”

born in the usa

For the longest, products that we purchased were made in the United States. But as time progressed and America became a more modern country, it became too expensive to make products in the U.S. So companies started to move overseas for their manufacturing operations and along with it went the jobs. Now my question to you all is, will we see another mass production of goods in this country again?

machinery over man

Whatever happened to the mule plow guy when the combine was invented? Ever wonder how his life panned out? Chances are, he didn’t last in business and had to sell off his land because he couldn’t survive. And that is the same thing here as it pertains to people working in factories. The use for manpower is irrelevant at this time in history. And it’s because technology is moving to scale at a higher point than man can keep up.

boy i love a deal

Don’t we all love going to a store and buying an item on sale marked down 25% off, 50% off, and even 75%. And the reason companies can do so is because of the excess of items that need to be gotten rid of to make room for new items. But coincidentally is a reason manufacturing in America is tough as well. We walk into a store and see the same item for different prices no one is buying the same item for different prices just because it’s American.

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I am from Racine, Wisconsin where I was raised until I graduated high school back in the year 2006. That entire time growing up in my mother's house, I was a student athlete. My goal was to embark on a general business career or athletics. But injuries through sports stopped a sports path, so I decided upon business with a focus in marketing. While attending undergraduate school at University of Wisconsin-Parkside, I began to write screenplays in my senior year. At first it was for fun, but I quickly learned writing allow me to transfer negative energy into characters I created. This led to a decrease in depressing mood swings, which in turn boosted my quality of life. After undergraduate school in May of 2011, I move to New York City for graduate school. While pursuing my MBA, I continued to write screenplays, but always wanted to write novels as well. I finished graduate school back in the year 2014, but wrote screenplays until I began thinking of my first short film, first First Day Fears. While finishing my fifth feature length screenplay, I started to write my first novel this year. So far, I have finished my first short film and working on my next one (Freedomless Speech), and recently self published my first novel (The Boy Who Could Talk To God) and short stories book (Faheem Jackson Short Story Collection Volume 1). My feature length screenplays have been put on temporary hold to finish my short films and books, but I am making good progress on my sixth feature length screenplay. With year 2017 ending, I am currently writing my novel Precinct 86 and Faheem Jackson Short Story Collection Vol. 2. I have started teaching myself photography and will pursuing that by summer of 2018, along with my videography, podcast later on, and more research for my documentary.

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