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“Put the work in.”

the ones that get in

In America, we have always had these viral sensations that come into the spotlight. No matter if it’s a musician, or some other talent. They come into the hearts and minds of people, but then they leave. Just as much as they make so many laugh and listen, you have a demographic that gets upset. And the upset is in how they managed to slip into the public eye.

When you awake, working on your craft, and they just make some video and next thing you know, they’re everywhere. They are on major TV shows conducting interviews and pop up at major award ceremonies. They’re treated like they’ve done these massive projects. But after a while, they fall off the face of planet as if they never existed.

why we like them

America is a place where we like the rags to riches story. It makes the average feel like there is still hope. So when these one hits come in from nowhere, we cheer them on. They have no backing, no one to show them the ropes. The connections to the entertainment industry don’t exist, and they do it themselves.

So when they hit, it becomes this Cinderella story. But eventually we see they don’t have talent, and they’re just like the rest of us. But for just a moment, it is a temporary escape from day to day realities.

short lived fame

As for a reality check, these one hitters don’t last. We always ask ourselves why are they getting all these opportunities. Then we see the rapid fall and that’s because they don’t have the talent to sustain. They might have gotten lucky with a song or video on the internet. But sustaining means bringing that again and again. And that is when they’re exposed, and we ultimately walk away from them.

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