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“Looking at life from one angle means you’re lacking substance.”

The photo above is of a staircase that is drawn from multiple perspectives. And depending on who is observing the stairs, they may interpret whose walking down the stairs as the real stairs. But when you start turn the drawing around, you start to see that everyone is walking in the right direction up or down the stairs. Yet so many people tend to not turn the photo and just look at the photo from one perspective. That is how so many people in society look at the world in which we dwell. They have their thoughts and opinions that stem from what they believe to be true and that belief never changes. And the problem with this group of people is that once a new perspective is introduced that challenges their current way, they have a hard time shifting their lives to accommodate this better way. The better way gets rejected and is seen as an attempt to undermine them and what they represent.

This refusal to bend in the face of logic and reasoning is what hurts so many people when they try to debate in an argument. They become so vested in their beliefs that they would rather be wrong and hold on to what they believe than to follow the right way and change. Scary part about these people, they want you to follow the way they are living. That’s when you have to remove yourself from their presence. See, it’s fine if they want to live their lie, but trying to get you to follow is another. Yet, how do you know if your perspective is the right as well? I mean, don’t you think it is quite arrogant to assume that you have all the answers? So what happens when the person without multiple perspective follows the multiple views and they find themselves worse off than keeping their current viewpoints.

Here is why having multiple perspective works over not having multiple. When you go back as far back as humanity traces our existence, having that perspective is what has kept is going for so long. When humans had to build shelter, I’m sure they tried using grass and twigs, but soon found out that it’s not sturdy enough. From there, we realized that a house needed a strong foundation, then you build up. And over time we tested multiple ways in which we could build a home and we have figured out so many ways to build shelter. That comes from having multiple perspective in life. The area of life where people find it harder to have perspective is politics. They fight for their side so much, that they ultimately put themselves in an extenuating circumstance once someone on their side conducts themselves in a manner that goes against the political views.

Meaning if one party tries to fight Gay marriage, then you find out that the party leader has sex with men. For me, that’s not hard to figure out, because this guy being against Gays is the political agenda, him liking men is the biological piece. But the people who are his allies have to go against the stories told about him. Why, well not because of just their party’s beliefs, but because they would have to admit they aren’t as good at pen-pointing people as they thought they were in life. And in the end, that is why multiple perspective is important. Because once you fight for your views too hard, it’s easy to fight opposition, but you find yourself in a bind once what you fight for has been proven false or finds itself in the wrong doing position. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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