White House

“It’s only a matter of time before the great reveal.”

Growing up in the United States, the social landscape has always involved conversations surrounding race. And I don’t mean the human species when using race, but how it’s socially utilized. In America, the term race, racial, racism, and racist has been used in the context of one groups superiority over another. But it’s the superiority over another group of people mentally. Yet now we are witnessing that social construct that has kept in this country Black and White people bickering among each other unravel. You might ask, how so; how is the racial construct that kept this country so segregated now unraveling? And all fingers point to White men and women in America.

And when I say all fingers point to White men and women, I am saying this in context of hardships and whose to blame. Coming from the Midwest, more than anytime prior, White men and women are being shutout. The same can be said for the southern regions of America. You see, in the past, the United States kept this one group propped up by White men and women higher up in power. And this worked because there were no other kids on the block. Yet as more global competition started to come into play, you can’t keep a nation going with just one group working.

Meaning, with countries like China and India positioning themselves as global competitors, you need more than just White men and women working. Now here comes other groups, African Americans, Hispanics, East Asian groups, and other minorities. But as time went on, more and more jobs were shipped overseas so companies could save on goods and services. Now, here we are today, and that American dream for so many is going down the toilet. People are losing all sense of security. But, not just any group of people, White men and women. The Black community still for the most part struggles economically as well as the Hispanic community. So now, there is feeling of lose from a lot of the White community. But lose to who?

If so many other minority groups are struggling as well, then where is the wealth going? Redistributed back into the hands of wealthy elite; small group of White males and females. Yet it still leaves the White community saying, we’re losing. But like I said, to who? And this is why that construct that worked for so many years is now unraveling. This country was constructed to make a group feel this land was for them, and it never was for the group. I am a firm believer that had another group took over America after slavery, then most likely by now, we would be past this Black and White issue. But sense the majority of the people in power were White it is this social issue. When in reality, the problem is more human than ethnic.

We have these people in power who have been irresponsible for quite some time. But now the main group that has benefited all this time is hurting and they’re looking for a reason as to why. Yet, who do you blame when the group that has not benefited is still struggling as well as the group who is supposed to have all the jobs. Like I said earlier, they’re all being shipped overseas. And now more than ever, race is being set aside and we’re slowly putting faces to the problem. Because I am a firm believer that racism will be over once the predominantly White community see how deep in trouble they are with us.

See, in the end, that construct that has kept one group comfortable is now falling apart. But it’s a construct that never meant anything in the first place. So much of America has been designed for conflict, and now that conflict is causing emotions to flare, who is to blame? What will come of it? Only time will tell. 

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