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“If we don’t feed them who will.”

Growing up in school I remember having lunch provided to me because it was based on the income my mother made. Some days I would make a bag lunch from home and come to school. But then, there were students that did not have enough money to eat lunch at school. They would have to stand off to the side and if there were no more meals left, then they wouldn’t eat. Luckily, this only happened a few times in the school year. But I have a different view on the public school lunch choices. What if schools gave students breakfast and lunch at school. There are poor kids that don’t have enough food at home and could use the meal.

How much would that cost if kids were able to get public school breakfast and lunch? Or better yet, could someone offer that as an endowment to a school? My best guess is that I don’t see our American government enacting something like this, but what about a private donor? Someone with enough wealth could give to a school. They could set up some sort of fund that grants children free breakfast and lunch at school. But it would have to be at a smaller school because the cost could run really high. For example, I used to attend a school of only 300 middle and high school kids combined. Yes, that’s right, only 300.

So, when it comes to feeding this small group of students, it may be possible. I guess that’s why I want to build wealth because I want to do those types of things. It seems cool to see kids have interesting things you didn’t have in school. For instance, free gourmet breakfast, lunch, and on some occasions dinner. Wouldn’t that be nice, giving free meals to students that might not gain meals at home. So many young people are being raised in poverty and barely have meals at home. It makes sense to provide those meals at school. So where do we as a society go from here as it pertains to our young people having adequate meals?

In the end, our children need to be fed. They perform better in school when they have meals. And just because some don’t have meals at home, should they feel the wrath in school. I know that we should not be teaching them that someone owe you something, but it’s a question of focus in school. And it is their focus that will aid in their learning.



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