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“Is your strength convertible into a strength?”

We all have them, and it is usually our Achilles heel. And what is that kink in our system, it’s a weakness. That’s right, we all have a weakness that makes us who we are in life. But, is there any way that one can take that weakness and flip it around into a strength. I look at my life with strengths that I have as well as weaknesses. Could I potentially use some of those weaknesses as a strength; possibly? What are some examples of strengths in a person’s life that can come from previously being a weakness?

One example of a strength that comes from a weakness is kindness. You wouldn’t think that could be seen as weakness. But it is used against people all the time in society. But how can you make that a strength? Well, if you are an overly kind person, you’re more likely to be compassionate. You would fit well in a career where people are down on their luck and could use a helping hand. You’re able to connect with someone on a level from a nonjudgmental place.  The last thing that person needs is someone looking down on them because of their position in life.

Another weakness is someone who is a procrastinator in life. For whatever reason for being this type of person, you have this as a personal trait. But how do you make this into a strength. People who are procrastinators put things off, usually until the last minute. To make this into a strength, first figure out why you procrastinate. Usually people do so because they are afraid of the outcome of their work or they don’t know how to move on to the next thing. So they just linger on with what they are doing now. This is something I have been known to do in my own life. But, while you procrastinate, you get time to think about the importance of what it is you’re pursuing in life. You procrastinate because whatever you’re doing, it is not important to you. Because if it was, you would get things done. This thinking makes you access your life. And it makes you see if what you want you really want.

You see, in the end, things can flip to be in your favor. It’s all about how much you are willing to put into the flip. Just always remember that your life is whatever you make it. You create your own luck in life.




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