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“Do we really have all the answers?”

We are in a very strange place in American society today. The question looms throughout society and that is, “Is there a such thing as too much information?” Hollywood actor Denzel Washington have conducted interviews where he has been questioning the information overload. But is it really an overload of information? Can’t write him off fully because we are living in a time where information is all around us. We are living during a time where social media has an impact just as large as the mass media. So there are now questions on what is being told and who is telling the information. So there are negatives, but there are also positives.

The negatives of too much information is that we get so inundated with information that we become desensitized to it. Stories are told so much from so many perspectives that we don’t get the truth. It’s all about who can get information out there first. So the integrity is out the door. We focus on stories that have the most views on Facebook rather than the real thing. But even with the story, very few people read. They look at the header and the photo and write about the topic. So information pushed constantly to us also makes us lazy. We don’t research anymore because we want someone else to do it for us. But, is this the only downside of too much information?

What about the idea that instant information pushed to people creates unrealistic expectations from a new generation. Information is so readily available and instant that other facets of life are looked at in the same light. Young generations think of their careers in the same form as their information. They think things are supposed to happen in life right away. Yet monogamous relationships and careers are a long tedious process. And who is to take that time to focus on something in life when so much is readily available. Now, with what has been said so far, are we on track or just a little too paranoid? What could we really be paranoid about?

Well, think of our civilization via the Type scale. The type scale is based upon the energy a civilization is capable of harnessing given the technology available to them. A three is the highest, yet there are theories of levels all the way to 6. Yet we are a .79 civilization, and with regard to the age of Earth, this is a small amount of advancement. So to think we have all this information is preposterous. We have nothing that we have really managed to harness. The information that is being flooded to us if anything is keeping us behind in time than ahead. When you hear guys like Denzel speak they come from a time where information was slowly fed. Now information is instant without the process of waiting. So now, what took Denzel years to learn I can do in a few hours in front of a computer.

In the end, anything in access is considered bad. But the people are still in control of how much information we see. We are constantly bombarded with information, whether fact or fiction. It’s up to the people to take it in or leave it. The fear of older generations feeling there is too much information like a Denzel Washington proves another fact. With his truth comes an age difference between him and the younger generation. That is that we think there is not enough information. There is still so much we don’t know about ourselves, this planet, our solar system, and beyond. So we have not scratched the surface of even who we are as a species must less anything else. But over time, we will learn more and more, and who knows it may be my generation in the future next to speak out regarding too much information in society.

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