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“The Super Bowl to settle the score.”

Growing up in the state of Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers influence reigned supreme. But for me, it was all about the Dallas Cowboys. People used to say all the time, “You from Wisconsin.” “You never even been to Texas, how are going to route for the Cowboys?” But I was a fan of Emmitt Smith since childhood. In addition to him, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, and Troy Aikman. It was and has always been about Jerry’s Cowboys since I was young. So when they made the postseason this past 2016 NFL season, memories started to reemerge. Yet with the memories came once again the heartbreak of losing in the first round.

And what happened, in the end the New England Patriots won another NFL Super Bowl. Now the question remains, who will return next season and who do you want to see in the big game. Me personally, I want to see the Dallas Cowboys match-up against the New England Patriots. Hopefully Tom Brady comes back for one more year of his career. Now you might ask, besides them being your favorite franchise, why Dallas? Well, New England and Dallas are tied in the record books for NFL Super Bowls with 5 each. Dallas has a higher winning percentage of Super Bowl Wins, while New England has more Super Bowl appearances (in more recent history). And both teams are the two most valuable teams in the NFL.

Tom Brady is going to be 40 years of age his birthday and Tony Romo could be coming up on the end of his career, with Dak Prescott taking over soon. They both have fairly young and good running backs, while boasting a superb receiving game. On the defensive side both teams have the talent to stop offenses and a tightly knit special teams. And let’s not forget the team owners, Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft, both whom are very accomplished men, on and off the field. So where do they go from here? It’s not as easy as what teams you want to see, but who plays the best. In all, there are 30 teams in the NFL, and everyone has a chance of winning. So not just my team, but whose to say the Patriots will repeat.

In the end, my hopes having me itching for the beginning of next season already. Even with the NBA going on as well as the MLB starting next month, I already miss football. As for now, I will continue to ponder about the mind at all the possibilities for next season.


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