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“They win we cheer, they keep winning we hate.”

a winning franchise

Since the early 2000’s, the New England Patriots have been a powerhouse franchise. Years removed from the franchise that no one really seemed to care about in football. They were like the Golden State Warriors before the Warriors took off. And the reality behind the constant winning is that people feel detached from you after a while. They want to see the Goliath lose eventually so they can enjoy the movie. And the Patriots are ruining the movie for people. Now, if you are a Pats fan, then you love the winning. But from the others in society, they hate the idea that the same team keeps winning. People want to see the movie play out how they like to see it play out.

i experience enough loss

Times used to be, you went to work, got off, came home, and lived your existence. Now everywhere you turn you are reminded of what you don’t have in life. No place is more evident, then in the Instagram world of watching people enjoy their great life. Even if it’s a facade, we still get upset at our own existence. And now add the team that keeps on winning, like I said earlier, it ruins your movie. That’s why Philadelphia’s Super Bowl win last year was so big. We like the movie where it all comes down to the underdog winning. Had the Patriots have won, they would be hated more now than ever before. And that could be even more real if they win this year.

never lose, really, never

When you don’t lose, suspicion arise. And what happens, there were investigations surrounding the Patriots. Because if they are winners always, it’s hard to believe. So now we have to try anything to bring down the Goliath to prove they are doing something wrong. Which is what happened, causing Tom Brady to miss several games in the beginning of last season. And that is what it comes down to, you must be cheating to always win. No one realizes the chip on the shoulder of so many on the team that never were supposed to make it, but did. And that is the reason for the fight in them. Tom Brady damn near last draft pick to Malcolm Butler barely making the NFL after previously working at Popeyes.

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“Why some can’t adjust to change.”

Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez has been talked about in the news as well as the sports world since his conviction on murder charges. But this past week, Hernandez committed suicide in his prison cell. Now questions linger as to what was going through his mind toward the end of his life. He had just the day prior was found not guilty two separate murders in other states. But the suicide came out of nowhere. But more than the suicide or even his murder charges, everyone want to know, how did he lose it all? What was it about the NFL that he couldn’t adjust to his knew life.

To the dominant society, it seems odd that a multimillionaire can’t just fly straight. But when you grow up a certain way, some people just cannot adjust. Meaning, just because you have a lot of money does not mean you’re going to change who you are internally. If anything, money just magnifies who you really are as a person. So whatever you were prior to the money, you’re more now. But still, the average Joe feels like Hernandez had life in his hands. Big NFL contract, married with a child, nice home; everything seemed right. So what was it about the street life he couldn’t shake loose.

Well, if you didn’t grow up in the street or knew someone that deep in the street, then you won’t understand how Aaron could become who he was in life. There is aspect of the street lifestyle that is within you already. Just as there are some people who can’t take part in the activities in the street. Not everyone is cut out for that life, but some are cut out. Hernandez was lured in after the death of his father. When a boy loses his dad, it’s much easier to pull him into the street because he is now looking for guidance. And if there is no one who can tell him in the street he’s headed down a wrong path, then the flower blooms how it wants to bloom.

So in the end, Aaron Hernandez is not the first pro athlete to fall victim to himself. A lot of guys have not been able to change their ways. Some men have even turned to abusing narcotics and alcohol because they can’t adjust to the new life they have. What’s sad is that more young men each and every year are suspended from professional sports leagues. And until they learn to leave old ways behind they will always have problems in life.



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“The Super Bowl to settle the score.”

Growing up in the state of Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers influence reigned supreme. But for me, it was all about the Dallas Cowboys. People used to say all the time, “You from Wisconsin.” “You never even been to Texas, how are going to route for the Cowboys?” But I was a fan of Emmitt Smith since childhood. In addition to him, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, and Troy Aikman. It was and has always been about Jerry’s Cowboys since I was young. So when they made the postseason this past 2016 NFL season, memories started to reemerge. Yet with the memories came once again the heartbreak of losing in the first round.

And what happened, in the end the New England Patriots won another NFL Super Bowl. Now the question remains, who will return next season and who do you want to see in the big game. Me personally, I want to see the Dallas Cowboys match-up against the New England Patriots. Hopefully Tom Brady comes back for one more year of his career. Now you might ask, besides them being your favorite franchise, why Dallas? Well, New England and Dallas are tied in the record books for NFL Super Bowls with 5 each. Dallas has a higher winning percentage of Super Bowl Wins, while New England has more Super Bowl appearances (in more recent history). And both teams are the two most valuable teams in the NFL.

Tom Brady is going to be 40 years of age his birthday and Tony Romo could be coming up on the end of his career, with Dak Prescott taking over soon. They both have fairly young and good running backs, while boasting a superb receiving game. On the defensive side both teams have the talent to stop offenses and a tightly knit special teams. And let’s not forget the team owners, Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft, both whom are very accomplished men, on and off the field. So where do they go from here? It’s not as easy as what teams you want to see, but who plays the best. In all, there are 30 teams in the NFL, and everyone has a chance of winning. So not just my team, but whose to say the Patriots will repeat.

In the end, my hopes having me itching for the beginning of next season already. Even with the NBA going on as well as the MLB starting next month, I already miss football. As for now, I will continue to ponder about the mind at all the possibilities for next season.