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“Why are we the way we are?”

You guys are so spoiled! You expect everything to be handed to you! You can’t take losing! You won’t be able to handle the real world! These are just a few of the things people say about my generation. But in order to call us these names you have to understand why we are the way that we are in society. You can’t just call us names then dismiss the reasons why we are this way as an age group. Well I have a few theories as to why my age group have such mentalities that tend to irritate the generations prior to us.


This is a big reason as to why we are the way we are as a generation. With the introduction of the internet we can retrieve information a lot faster. But with getting everything faster it has made us not appreciate the things we get. But we did not create the internet for the expedited expectations.Image result for tech I remember being in middle school when we first got our computer in the house. I was on that thing for hours surfing the web. The internet was not as advanced as it is today, but in the year 2001, it still was good for that time. Search engines were still fairly new so you had to WWW.COM everything you were looking for. As a matter of fact, putting the entire URL was needed for quite a few. But this started the I need this, then click away. Forget going to the library, it was all about the web. But is the web enough to contribute to us as a generation. Are there other aspects of the web?


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Tinder, Grindr, Pinterest and many others have invaded the web. As much as these websites have made us feel connected, they have also effected our daily lives both negatively and positively. The positives of course have been that we can connect with people know Image result for social mediaand stay in touch. We can reunite with those we have not spoken to in years. The daily news is not a medium you need a television to watch. And politically, we have become more involved. We also can network for employment opportunities as well (LinkedIn). But with the positives come the negatives. The open hate as well as how comfortable people have become expressing their disdain. (Twitter). Social media has allowed you the availability of taking on a fake persona to remain anonymous. In addition social media has effected intimate lives. We no longer have to wait to build a relationship with anyone because of the immediacy of casual dating (Tinder, Grindr, Cuddle). Where people use to have a courting process, now there is a meet me in an hour, hook up, see you later if ever mentality. Our social media has also become this environment of vanity & fascination with ourselves; posting our likeness for public approval (Instagram, Shanpchat, Pinterest, and YouTube)


What about the pop culture that has become a lot more important in our lives over the years.Related image For instance the music we listen to. Our famous musicians are so influential they effect the way young people dress and talk. It’s a relationship that a lot of parents have taken issue with in this country. Why because parents don’t want their children listening to certain types of music. But that’s one of the reasons why the music is so popular is because the parents hate it so much.Image result for oscars Well then what about the films our generation watch on television and in theaters. In an environement that has created this sense of everyone wants to be famous. It’s why we create vine videos and other video streams with hopes that maybe someone in Hollywood might notice us. Some girl is aspiring to be the next Jennifer Lawrence and of young boys pushing to be as funny as Kevin Hart.

Or maybe our age could be the result of the everyone gets a trophy mentality. The only problem is that the greater portion of millennial actually do grasp the concept of winning and losing. However you see it, we are the way we are because we didn’t come out this way. We are the product of a combination of parenting as well as the flooding of mass media/entertainment. The internet, film, music, and television has shaped a great portion of our age group. But we didn’t create the internet and still our not the movers and shakers. Yet every generation feels their  generation is great and the one before are babies. It has been forever and will always be that way. Because everyone wants to be that great group with all the answers.


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“How does one know they are in the wrong body?”

Growing up in my household, my sisters and I were in a privileged position. Why because our house was a lot more liberal than most. Whatever we felt we knew that our mother was willing to have the conversation. But I have been hearing throughout my life how so many are growing up in situations where they can’t talk to their parents. This was odd to me given my nurturing background. The topic today is how hard it is for members of the LGBT community to come out to family. But there is a more centralized focus and that is transgender men and women expressing how they feel.

Living in New York City, you’re exposed to a wide range of people. Whether it’s sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic, etc. But especially when it comes to sexual preferences. When I first moved to NYC I was offset by the number of openly gay relationships there were. Don’t get me wrong it’s in the Midwest, but to the degree of openness like here, not so much so. But through working in theatre you come in contact with members of the gay community and realize it’s not a big of a deal as it might have been in your previous environment. Then you hear about transgender, and I draw a blank. What does it mean? How do you know you were born in the wrong body? It is a normal biological response or is it mental illness?

As an adult, I’ve heard people say things like, “My family refuse to speak to me.” “They have disowned me.” Me personally, I don’t understand why a man would want to become a woman or a woman would want to become a man, but let’s have the conversation. Let’s first look at my life. Like I said earlier, I grew up in a very progressive household. Had I have been one of these men who felt he was born in the wrong body of course there would be questions and a discussion. But disowning me, I think not. So I guess my upbringing would be the envy of most of these men and women. Then what is it?

I love waking up everyday being a man. Thinking like a man, talking the way I do, having the genitalia that I do. But what would make a man go I don’t want this and live a happier life after it’s removed. Knowing what we are as men, my first response is why. The next would be, how do you know? What is it internally that makes you feel you’re in the wrong body? Then here are the critics who say I am thinking into the matter too much. They have a mental illness Faheem, and that’s all there is to it. But do they really? Me, I can’t say for sure because I am not in that position.

I don’t know the feeling of being depressed because you look it the mirror and wish you were something else. I don’t know what it’s like to look at my new genitalia and feel accomplishment by the new me. But my reaction to the people who are the critics is have you wondered why. Or better yet, have you ever attempted to sit down and converse with a person before judging. It’s easy to attack, it’s a lot harder to put yourself in the know. Hard because we all like having our views and sticking to them.

So in the end, to me, I don’t get it. But what’s funny is that it’s not your place to get anything. It’s not our jobs to figure out why they want to do it. You actually are not entitled to embrace an individual’s lifestyle. But you should respect people with the respect you would want for yourself.  Are they a threat to society, no. And that’s all we really need to know.


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“What if history was switch around.”

Let’s say instead of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Africa, it took place in Europe. What if Africans invaded Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sicily? What if Africans paid some Europeans money to lure them from inland? And what if we placed them on ships and brought them to the new world? That means White people in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados, etc.), Central America (Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, etc.), South America (Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.), and the United States.

Now let’s look at the country I live in, the United States. What if Europeans were brought to the southern states as slave labor? This means almost 300 years of persecution in a country where Black people would be the forefathers of a declaration that says we are all equal instead of Whites. White people would have to work for nearly another 100 years, before they would be free by us as Black people. Now the emancipation of White people would be signed, but not fully free until 1865, a few years after originally written.

Freedom would be short lived because once we free White men and women, then they are forced for nearly 100 years of social inequality. Yet the segregation is supposed to be separate, but equal, and yet far from that. They would eventually fight for their right to vote, right to hold political office, right to life and pursuit of happiness just as Black people do. Even after segregation ends, we deny White people jobs, so with limited employment opportunity, they are turned a life of crime through drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine, and Crack Cocaine. This really gives way for Black law enforcement to control the communities that White men and women dwell.

Oh yeah, during this time we change the rules of welfare from a family policy to a new more sinister policy. Women can receive aid from the government as long as the White male is gone. He leaves for one day, then one week, one month, and eventually he is gone forever. So in combination with welfare and narcotics, White people are now on a collision course with failure. Failure that would rival that of the segregation they experience. Eventually their community would come to a form of satisfaction once they are able to elect the first White president. White people express their pride in a man who for the first time is holding a post that has been long denied by Whites.

You see, reversing the history, I wonder how all these experiences by Blacks would fair with White men and women. I’m writing this because so many people who recently voted for Donald Trump has been seen as a Whitelash. An attack and push back over the nation’s first Black president. Is this true or is this false? Has America really made strides in changing the past or are we going back to our racial ways. Recently there have been protest over Trump’s election and he has not even taken office yet. Only time will tell from here on out. But what would this country look like if history was reversed?

DEAF EARS: Protesting Those for the Sake of Protesting

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“Why we march.”

In the recent years, people have protested more so than years prior, but why? Why are people so quick to protest? Why are people so quick to attack someone for even having a difference of opinion? A lot of it comes from the idea that people want to act as if they are accomplishing something. But who would feel good about attacking someone even if it’s something mundane. This says a lot about how people sees themselves. Well how do we see ourselves. There are a number of reasons as to why.

One reason has to do with how mundane our day-to-day lives are in society. We get up, go to work, have lunch, work some more, then home. Eat some dinner, watch TV, then off to sleep. This is 5 days a week, lounge around Saturday, and prepare next week on Sunday night. With little going on in your life, it gives you time to think. And when there is nothing to do but think, the mind starts to work. And once that mind gets going, who knows what you’ll come up with. But the protesting comes out of I don’t like something, let me ruin it because what else do I have going on in the world. Everyone else is living their lives, but if your life is futile, you have time to protest.

Let’s say the person who you attack has the guts to say I am not bowing down, it makes people protest harder. Now, should we protest harder, yes when it is warranted to do so. But in today’s society, we will march for anything. And you have to ask the question: Does everything offend you, really, everything? Case in point, a celebrity post their lifestyle on social media and people flip out. Why because they look at their own lives and can’t understand why they aren’t doing more. Well if you put more time into you as you do everyone else you could. But it’s easier to complain than it is to do something about your situation.

Another reason we protest is because of our fears of this is it. We already have a mundane existence, so now we go, is this all there is for me. It ties into why people attack via social media. You mean that person live that way and all there is for me, is this struggle I have here. Who do I blame? And seeing someone in the public eye with controversy gives them a reason to belong to something. For example, most people don’t care about Tiger Woods cheating on his wife, but there are those that wanted an apology. But what is that to your life. Why is a golfer groveling on TV make you feel good. That is unless your life is futile.

And that’s what it all boils down to; how one sees themselves. We look in the mirror and then look at others lives and question. We have all these reasons as why do they have what they have, but not asking ourselves what am I doing right or wrong. Maybe you should put that extra energy into you. Or maybe people should just come to grips with the idea that you’re not good or you don’t matter. And we hate to feel we don’t matter, but in certain situations your voice shouldn’t matter. Especially when trying to hold someone hostage for the sake of accomplishing anything no matter how ridiculous.


“Could we eventually see a separation of a region?”

Notice the map at the top of the page. Then think about the protests going on throughout the country. And you’ll start to understand why there are so many issues socially. All the blue areas are major metropolitan cities in America. So it’s no wonder why New York City, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Francisco protested. These are places that seem like they want a separation from the rest of the country. They figure, why are we being controlled by these red areas when we don’t need them.

Well I asks, could this possibly happen in the future. Because now that I am a New York City resident, I live in a nearly $1 trillion economy. New York City is a self sustaining city. They don’t need these other red states. Yet, tax dollars are not only going allocated to NY, but also other areas of the country as well. Which is another reason for outrage. People go, they (Midwest and the South) tell us to suck it up and deal with it, but we assist these places. Between NY and California, they are roughly 20% of the nation’s GDP. Some people get the feeling why not remove ourselves.

But it’s more than just the voting process why people have this feeling. The more liberal cities don’t want their way of live changing, or as they feel going backward. People living in Los Angeles don’t want to live like someone in small town Kentucky. And the social aspects are part of that lifestyle. There is already disagreements regarding illegal immigration in some of these major cities also. Interestingly enough, these major hubs are where a large demographic of illegal immigrants reside. Now you have a dilemma because if the places where Trump supporters live want illegals gone yet these cities are far left, the next four years is going to cause some problems.

Now if all of this red exist, how did Hillary get the popular vote? Well, the major cities are highly concentrated in numbers to these few places. So now you have a young generation of protesters in big cities  going wait a minute, what happened? Then when looking at the electoral map, they go, our future is dictated by red states, I think not. That comes the views of people who  live in these red places. And that’s what it all boils down to, social. A lot of these red states oppose certain things that the more liberal blue states live by. And the liberal are constantly progressing, but red states want things to remain constant. So in the end,  I don’t think we’ll see a separation of the states, but we will see a more call to action for voice in the election process.


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“Once you start, what is it really?”

In my early 20’s I tried figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. By my mid 20’s what I wanted actually involved working toward the goal. And the main goal was to be self employed in my career endeavor. Now that I know what I want to do, which is working as an Independent Filmmaker as well as a Novelists, I go how should I really attack this goal. At the moment I am finishing up my first novel & book of short stories and working on my next short film. My age for self employment is 30/31 years of age. But there is this uncomfortable grey area that people have a hard time discussing.

The hard discussion for self employment for starters is the day-to-day work. With my career interests, it’s not like working at an office starting my own company or managing my own restaurant. Sustaining myself as a writer means spending a lot of time sitting in a room alone. And with my own thoughts, pushing out something, not always compelling, but something that will capture a readers attention. Here is the catch, capture their attention where they will want to purchase my books or watch my films. How do you know what people will gravitate to is tough.

Like right now, I am finishing my first book about a boy who can talk to God. God gives him guidance as he navigates life coming from elementary school into middle school. But also aiding him in coming to grips with a divisive household as well. Sounds interesting to me, but how will it be received by an audience. Will they go, this is interesting, I want more from this author, or will they say, stick to your day job. Only time will tell; and yet that’s just the writing. What about living on a day to day basis? You don’t know what your income could be month to month. You might make $5,000 one month and $500 the next.

That’s why being an established writer is important. But how do you know even when you’re established how much you will make. And don’t get me started on the film career. How will it get written? Is it good enough of a story to write? If written, who wants to purchase the script? Who wants to invest in my script to make into a film? Once finished will it get distribution or will I have to self distribute? Even with all what has been said, will anyone want to watch the movie? So here I am, two careers that are extreme risk. A risk that could make you very very successful or a failure.

I guess that’s why parents encourage their children to go to school, get a half descent career. Then every two weeks get your check, pay bills, eat, maybe a vacation per year and that’s it. It’s a mundane life, but a hell of a lot safer than the unknown of being self employed; especially when you’re pursuing my interest. You grow up and tell people I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, engineer, or school teacher they smile and give you adulation for your future plans. But then if you say, hey when I grow up I want to think for a living. I want to challenge the minds of people by writing compelling stories. Oh and you really want to tick them off, use Spielberg’s saying, I dream for a living.

Most people are going to encourage you to wake up. Because there is no time to dream in the real world. And there you have it. Funny thing about me being so lost as to where I will turn next, it’s normal. A lot of young people with day jobs are asking themselves that same question. Your whole life you think there is this path to take in life for success. But the fact of the matter is that there is no path. The path can be straight, then veer left, turn right, go in reverse, and back straight again. There is no one way of getting to where you want to be. But hopefully you get there; and as long as you get there hopefully it was worth the journey.