“Could we eventually see a separation of a region?”

Notice the map at the top of the page. Then think about the protests going on throughout the country. And you’ll start to understand why there are so many issues socially. All the blue areas are major metropolitan cities in America. So it’s no wonder why New York City, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Francisco protested. These are places that seem like they want a separation from the rest of the country. They figure, why are we being controlled by these red areas when we don’t need them.

Well I asks, could this possibly happen in the future. Because now that I am a New York City resident, I live in a nearly $1 trillion economy. New York City is a self sustaining city. They don’t need these other red states. Yet, tax dollars are not only going allocated to NY, but also other areas of the country as well. Which is another reason for outrage. People go, they (Midwest and the South) tell us to suck it up and deal with it, but we assist these places. Between NY and California, they are roughly 20% of the nation’s GDP. Some people get the feeling why not remove ourselves.

But it’s more than just the voting process why people have this feeling. The more liberal cities don’t want their way of live changing, or as they feel going backward. People living in Los Angeles don’t want to live like someone in small town Kentucky. And the social aspects are part of that lifestyle. There is already disagreements regarding illegal immigration in some of these major cities also. Interestingly enough, these major hubs are where a large demographic of illegal immigrants reside. Now you have a dilemma because if the places where Trump supporters live want illegals gone yet these cities are far left, the next four years is going to cause some problems.

Now if all of this red exist, how did Hillary get the popular vote? Well, the major cities are highly concentrated in numbers to these few places. So now you have a young generation of protesters in big cities  going wait a minute, what happened? Then when looking at the electoral map, they go, our future is dictated by red states, I think not. That comes the views of people who  live in these red places. And that’s what it all boils down to, social. A lot of these red states oppose certain things that the more liberal blue states live by. And the liberal are constantly progressing, but red states want things to remain constant. So in the end,  I don’t think we’ll see a separation of the states, but we will see a more call to action for voice in the election process.


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