“You ever wonder what’s behind their eyes?”

As a young man who has never had children, I often contemplate what it would be like to be a parent. But the topic today is what are they thinking. What are behind the eyes when they look at you? The world to us as adults, is the norm. We don’t see our surroundings the same way an infant does. They crawl, they pick things up, and even try the old taste test by placing random items into their mouths. But of course, there is always the parent near to yank out of their hands the contents that they are about to place in their mouths. Or parents panic as they scramble to remove whatever is already in their baby’s mouth.

But to the baby, they may typically start crying because they don’t understand. They can’t comprehend why you would remove something from their grasp that they are currently consuming. Then again, ever wonder why babies try to eat everything they pick up. What is the reason behind this? Is this some sort of evolutionary response that we can’t grasp as adults. Because by the time you become an adult, there is no thought that goes into eating; you just eat. It’s so involuntary, your days are consisting of shoving random food into your mouth.

But why is the mouth the first choice of the child. What is behind the decision to place a piece of string, a toy, or even ink pens in their mouths. Maybe they realize that hunger exist, but don’t understand hunger. That would mean we as humans are born knowing we’re hungry, placing things in our mouths, yet learned behavior as to what is good or bad for you. The look on the infants face gives off how something taste to them. They either continue to consume if it’s good, or regurgitate if it’s bad. Their taste buds are starting to recognize what they like and don’t like.

Now that we’ve cleared up food, how about the eyes. What are behind the eyes when they look at you? They stare at you, and you smile, then they smile. We are elated by them mimicking us, but why do they smile back? Could it be that they are trying to figure out what our expressions mean? Or could it be that as infants we have that expression, but not only not know what it means, but we don’t understand how it happens. What about when they cry, what is the hurt behind their eyes? It is so hard to see parents not understanding what is wrong with their child, but the child not able to communicate with the parent.

But see that’s the eyes, what about the touch. Children are always picking things up off the ground. And once again parents rushing to their aid to grab what is in their grasp. But why do they pick up everything? Could it be they are trying to understand this world around them, or is it that they are not aware of the hands. The hands could be something that throws them off and picking up random items is interesting to understand how to use their hands.

In the end, the reason they want to taste and touch everything, their eyes as they look about their space, is because it’s new. This new surrounding makes them ultra sensitive to everything. And their senses are too heightened with so much going on at one time. But once they come out of this stage into their childhood they are able to know more and understand more, parents are a little more at ease. Parents feel more secure and the child is more secure.


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