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“Have you made it yet?”

get it how you get it

We all have this idea of what it means to start really making money. Some of us might look at $75,000 per year as getting money, others might say $500,000 a year is a lot. Then you have the few chosen people who say they would like to make $10 million per year is making a lot. And you know what, you would all be right. Because money is subjective, depending on who says money is what. But is there really a definitive amount of money which ones makes where you’ve made it. Because I have a definition for making it in America. That is the amount of money you make working, knowing that if you lost or left your job tomorrow you could survive for a lengthy period of time, typically months, and be fine without worry. Meaning, let’s say you lost your job tomorrow and was out of work for 6 months, do you make enough to save for anticipation of a six month leave?

buying goods and services

Can you measure how much you’ve made it by the things you’re able to afford? Because if you have enough money to buy a Rolls Royce, most people would say that you have arrived. But have you really made it based on the things you buy. You have billionaires who spend less than millionaires spend. But the billionaires have more, what does buying things have to do with it?Let’s say for a second that buying goods and services mean you have made it. Then with that said if you grew wanting certain things you could afford, then says you have arrived. You have made it to the point where your life is where you want it to be. Is there another measure of making it in America?

cash flow with a grin

What about making it based on your happiness through income. We have all heard money doesn’t bring happiness, but what about reaching at least a certain point. Money isn’t everything, but dough is important. But how important is money? There have been studies that have said that a person’s happiness changes little after making $60,000 to $70,000 in a year. Makes sense considering very little cost over that amount of money each year. So if two people are in a relationship making that much each, that’s a lot less problems to worry about in the household. And we all know finances is a major reason for breakups.

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“When you’re the trader.”

you be the broker

For the greater part of the history of the New York Stock Exchange, you needed a broker for trading stocks. Now the average Joe that wants to invest can play the market. And they don’t have to worry about going through the broker process. How does this change the game for a small time trader? Someone like me, who would like to invest one day, but don’t want to go through the traditional process. Having this virtual ability at your fingertips allows you to have more control over what you buy and sell.

enter slowly

When you are a beginning investor, it may not be the best route for you to go through the digital means of investing. Because for really don’t understand how to read the tickers and might need an actual person to assist you. Or, if you don’t need a real broker, you might have to have someone close to you to show you the ropes. You don’t want to jump all in on something that is very foreign to you. You could find yourself losing more time and money than you could have ever imagined. Let someone with the years of experience aid you in the process as you go along.

seasoned and winning

When you are one of these people who really know what you’re doing, then you’re going to have a ball being in control. You are going to be able to capitalize in a way no one else has been able to because you’re in the know. And it’s because of being in the know you will win once you fully understand this process of digital investing.

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“I wish were into it like the rest.”


This is a sport where billions of the world’s population can’t wait for the World Cup to take place. An event that is every four years where a country is crowned the winner of this beloved event. But there is a problem when you’re an American with the idea of the World Cup. And that is that America is never the country in the conversation. And for years we have always been in the conversation regarding sports. We are the number one holders of gold medals in the Olympics, the best basketball players, hockey, golf, tennis, boxing, but when it comes to soccer we lose. But do we really lose, or do we not care that much. When a country wins a World Cup, the whole nation cheers, but our win is short lived if we do.

keep score for god’s sake

You watch baseball, a run is one point, but home runs are exciting, but it’s constant competition. In the NBA, you have two points and three pointers outside the arch. In the NFL, a touchdown is six points and then an opportunity for a field goal is one point. So you can say there is something to be said about the scoring in a game. But when looking at soccer, it is a game of skill. And that is something Americans don’t want to watch. We want to see some domination, not someone exemplifying their skills. Show me how hard you can hit, how high you can jump, how fast you run, over the other people. Skill is not enough, and if the games were based around scoring we would watch. Because that is our model, win, win, win.


Who is the greatest American soccer player in history, I’m waiting. A lot of people have no clue because our sports heroes play other sports. We don’t have a Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, or David Beckham. We have Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Muhammad Ali, Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods, or a Serena Williams. So without a greatest soccer person or even in the now, we don’t follow the sport. If we could have right now a Tom Brady, Lebron James, Aaron Rodgers, or Stephen Curry, it would make soccer fun.

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Football Stadium

“The shot clock is off.”

win baby win

Ever since I was a child I have been into sports. And that is why November will be the month for sports. I will examine not only the game play, but all the social tension around sports. This is something that is a major aspect of our lives in America. So read, follow, share, like, and enjoy. I will be giving you all more great topics ending the year going into 2019.

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a nation of winners

America used to be a nation that pride ourselves on winning. Now, if you look at life with this winning mentality it’s treated like some sort of punishment. Maybe because someone else may not be as good as you, or the idea that we frown on people being on top too long. But for some reason we support the losing more than we do the winning.

If you look at sports, which has put America at the top for do long, we now have to look at other nations that teach the winning mentality we once had, to their children. Now you have countries like Russia, Jamaica, Spain, and even Image result for jamaica sportssmall Eastern European countries pushing themselves past us in sports. Well, how did it start?

the fall

The reason why so much of American winning has fell off is because we have reached this point where all the losers stop wanting to win. And almost operate like they formed their own coalition and are now going after anyone that is perceived to be winning. So much so that companies are now backing people and marketing them as independent to make money.

Because when people see you as a winner they shy away because in their minds you don’t need any further help. And we reached this point not just because of the coalition, but not wanting to continue to rise to the occasion. It’s one thing to win, but staying on top is harder than winning. Anyone can get the “W” but can you hold that spot. So what happened is people got lazy.

is it what it seems

The below photo is of the New York City citizens going to and from trains underground at Penn Station. And when I look at these people, I don’t losers. I don’t see a group of people who want things handed to them. I see go getters, I see hustlers, I seeRelated image hungry Americans. And that’s when it dawns on me that the society we live in is not prided on losing today. We just have this really loud losing bunch and the rest are silent winners. And we have folded to the pressure of the losers’ voices. So in order to capture that winning spirit once again, we must speak up and speak out against the coalition formed that make our children believe mediocrity is the key to prosperity.

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“Greatness comes with a price.”

“LAW 47) Do not go past the mark you aimed for — in victory, learn when to stop!” – 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene. Boy oh boy, this law is so true as it pertains to how people feel about Tom Brady. Since Tom Brady has become and unstoppable quarterback, there has been a constant effort to bring him down. Well why; I mean he’s not my favorite quarterback, but I don’t find pleasure in seeing him failing. So why do so many like to see him fail? Why is it that when a person wins over and over again, they are considered cheating? People love to tear these individuals down in life.

Well, let’s take a look at Tom Brady. Coming from the University of Michigan, Tom Brady was drafted in almost the last round of the NFL draft. He was not even heard of when he first started playing in the NFL. But taking over for Drew Bledsoe in the year 2000, no one expected much. Then he went on to win the Superbowl. Everyone was so happy for this Superbowl winning underdog. But then they kept winning and kept winning. Even as great players left the team they kept going strong. After this, all the allegations of cheating started to pop up. But what about Brady being the underdog? People forgot that he was drafted nearly last.

See, people love you, up to a certain point. Then they want to see you fall down. This is because it aims at how they see themselves. If all you do is win, then they can’t connect to you because they fail in life. How do you look at them as human when they are “so” different than yourself? Another reason is because no one is perfect. Winning all the time is seen as perfection. So people want to see you fall because they need to see that life is fair. Although, since when is life fair to us? Look at death, do we hold a grudge against death? We accept death for what it is. But we can’t get over the person winning all the time!

In the end, we hold the grudge because like I said before, it’s how we see ourselves. As I sit here watching the Superbowl game of the ¬†New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons, so many people are routing against Tom Brady. They hate to see winning because their lives consist of so much losing. I know one thing is for certain, he’s not the first and definitely won’t be the last to be hated.