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“Eat well people.”

when you have less

As a young man with not much income, I am still able to consume a meal that is good for me to eat. Now granted I don’t have children which forces you to have a major lifestyle change. But I wake p in the morning, leg lift with the medicine ball, then when I am able to get back on the bench, I bench press. But people seem to think that if you have less money that means that your diet has to be a reflection of the lack of income. And yes, the meals that are the most affordable are usually the meals that aren’t good for you. But there are other options if you are willing to eat them.

daily calories

A human only really needs about 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day to remain healthy.Only problem in America is that we generally consume more than we need. We eat when we feel hungry, and sometimes that can still be after eating. But there are days I feel hungry, but I am not hungry. And that means at times you’re eating as a person just to be eating. So when you consume even though it is not useful to do so, then you find yourself being unhealthy. Just always remember, eating to get full is less healthy then eating because you must have a meal that day.

how far can my dollar go

Whenever I go to the store, I see fruits and vegetables that seem more expensive than they are; and that is because it is a supply and demand thing. You have to realize that the more the fruit that people want, it will be higher at the store. Cherries cost more than bananas, but there are also other variables, yet cherries are more popular. So know what is within your cost that taste good and is healthy. But also be prepared to know the value of starches and poultry in addition to the fruits and vegetables. Buy the bulk pack of poultry, like wings instead of breast, but bake the wings and not fried. As for the condiments, don’t add too much, such as sugar and sauces.

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Clear Glass Cup

“The effects of drinks on the body.”

quenching our thirst

Whenever you take a sip or even guzzle down a drink, understand this, it’s just like food. Whatever fluid you bring into the body, will inevitably alter the body’s chemistry. So if you bring into the body soda, you will have a breaking down of the body because it is highly acidic, and the sugar content that exist in each soda. Conversely, if you drink water the body is 75% water, so you are bringing into the body something that is natural. Water also has the benefits for the Kidneys in expelling waste. Soda drinks out the body, and this is how you can develop things like Kidney Stones. Well, what about those delicious fruity beverages. Because they have their benefits as well: kiwi, bananas, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and cherry.

beware of the fruits

I eat all the fruits I need to be eating, but there is still something wrong with my blood sugar levels. And the problem is because they have quit a bit of sugar in them as well. That is a hard concept to understand because growing you you are always told to eat your fruits and vegetables. Now you have to make sure they balance out as you age. Because something that is suppose to aid you can hurt you when your intake is too high. So you have to bring into play the vegetables, which can also be used as a beverage as well. That’s right, a veggie beverage. And you’re probably wondering what does that taste like.

veggie drink

Me personally, I have never had a veggie beverage. I think the idea of drinking your vegetables is something I can’t find delicious. Now, I am sure there are many health benefits from consuming vegetables this way. And by all means, if there is anyone out there who can tell me of something that is good for you, that also taste delicious, please show me in that direction. Because I am always trying to look for new places to eat food, especially if the food serves some sort of holistic benefit.

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“Taste good, but not always good for you.”

soul food

Going back to slavery, soul food has been a meal as described by the African American community. There was limited amounts during the time period, and we had to make due with what we had at that time. So we came together with our scraps during these harsh times to make soul food. And still to this day we consume meals as a community, but there is a problem with these meals. As amazing as it may seem, the food has lead to so many health problems throughout the community. So much so, that there has to be a shift in how we care for ourselves because our lives are cut short due to illness from the food.

“soul” food

Now, in today’s society, we still eat soul food, but so many of us are switching over to food for the soul. Meaning, there is no dish that Black people in America eat that is a traditional dish from another foreign country like Chinese, Italian, or Greek. Since we were slaves and our traditions were lost, we had to make due with the food from slave masters in America. Yet our spin is adding more to the food that tends to be unhealthy: more salt, more pepper, more sugar, more oils, more fat. Flavors have to be taken back now that we are more aware because these extra ingredients lead to more debilitating sicknesses.

nourishment for our bodies

Foods that are rich in the nutrients that we should be eating for our health are as follows:

  • These are the grains that contain endosperm, bran, and germ that are vital to the human body for lower risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke.
    • Wheat

Wheat close-up.JPG

    • Rye

Ear of rye.jpg

    • Oats

Avena sativa L.jpg

    • Maize

    • Rice

  • This is an angiosperm flowering plant that is formed from the ovary when flowering.
    • Apples


    • Bananas

    • Grapes

    • Lemons

    • Oranges

    • Strawberries

  • A savory meal that is good for the human body where it provides vitamins, dietary fibers, and minerals.
    • Cabbage


    • Spinach

Espinac 5nov.JPG

    • Pepper

Red capsicum and cross section.jpg

    • Carrot


    • Lettuce

    • Beans

Bohne z01.JPG

    • Peas

NCI peas in pod.jpg

    • Potatoes

Various types of potatoes for sale.jpg

    • Tomatoes

Tomato je.jpg

    • Onion


    • Pepper

Red capsicum and cross section.jpg

    • Sweet Potato

Ipomoea batatas 006.JPG

  • A clear, transparent chemical that is vital to the human body. It does not only serve a purpose for drinking, but necessary for plant growth. Up to 78% of our human bodies is water, so we need quite a bit per day to function properly.

  • This is the natural pressing out of fruits and vegetables that contribute for Potassium and Vitamin C. But be sure to not over juice considering some juices are richer in sugar than soda.

  • The harvesting and processing of animal milk from mainly goats and cows. Other animals used are sheep, horses, and camels. Dairy is a good product for Vitamin D and Calcium.

Image result for dairy

lifestyle changes

With all that has been said, when will come the time for us as a group to change our lifestyles. Because if dying at a young age is not good enough then what is good enough. But something has to be done otherwise you will start to see a group’s numbers diminish from poor health choices.

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Grayscale Photography of Three Cows

“Taste good, but is it good for us?”

moo, cluck, meh, oink

Everyone, I would be lying to you if I said that I was not a fan of meat. I love meat, and if PETA saw some of my eating habits over the years, there would be a march against me alone, not to mention the industry of slaughterhouses. Now, in recent months, I have decided to slow down on some of the food that I consume. Now because I am this huge animal activist, it’s because of the health risk associated with certain processed foods we eat. And on top of the food we eat, you have to take into consideration how meals are prepared. This further adds to the health problems.

from farm to fridge

As we all know, food on the farms of America as well as other parts of the world are just grazing fields for nurturing meals for us as humans. Not only with the animals we eat, but also harvest the crops we consume. But the process of getting the food from the farm to the people have changed drastically over the years. We no longer want to wait the time it takes to really grow crop or attain livestock. We no longer want to eat small portions of food, we want bigger portions. So what do we do now, we now genetically modify everything to make it more plump or taste more delicious. So much so, certain crop seeds can’t even be replanted because it won’t grow properly. The video from YouTube explains below genetically modified foods from → SciShow.

where from here

Now, as we become a more health conscious society, we may see a decline in how food is process. As for now, we are going to keep pushing along. But will we really slow down the process of how we modify food? The population on Earth continues to climb and we need more food for the growing population. So unless we find a means to grow crop elsewhere outside of Earth, we may have to continue this trend. Yet with all the modifications comes the health concerns.

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appetite, apple, close-up

“Your body is a machine, keep it clean.”

Recently, I have been thinking about making a lifestyle change regarding the food I consume. And it’s not because my health is bad, I just would like to try something new. I thought about trying a raw diet or even becoming a pescetarian for a while. I love eating seafood, so becoming a pescetarian would actually be easy. But since I was a baby I have had a diet that consisted of eating meat. And to add to it, it’s part of the culture that I grew up in as a child. Meat was so part of our daily intake, I don’t know if I could give it up at all. But some people have never even had meat a day in their lives. It was just how they were raised. But not me, I grew up in a family that we had more meat than side dishes.

Now if you’re one of these animal lovers, then you would hate to be apart of my family. But just because you eat meat does not mean you hate animals. As people on Earth we have had to survive off of the land as much as possible. That includes any creature that inhabited the land. And given we had to feed so many people, animals were the meal. But vegetarians and pescetarianism has been an aspect of society for forever. You just now have this wave of people who are going back to eating less meat. And it does not have anything to do with preserving the animals on our planet. It has everything to do with health. When eating meat you have a digestive tract that consist of thin lining. And meat pushing through that track is hard to digest. So eating too much meat, especially the tougher the meat, makes digesting more difficult.

Now, with digestive problems comes illnesses because meat lying in the tract for too long causes problems in the intestines. Over time, you start to develop sicknesses because the meat is basically rotting inside of your body. So people have become aware of this and have made moves to eat less meat if any at all. It just makes sense considering we want to prolong our lives as much as possible because this is our only life to live. And caring for yourselves is what we must do for longevity. There is no guarantee, some people eat healthy and still die of sicknesses. But the point is to care anyways because it’s about playing the odds. And in the end, my thoughts of changing my dining choices comes from better eating habits. I just turned thirty years old last week. This is best time to start eating differently because staring later in your forties could be too late.

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