Toddler Playing Soccer

“Best time to start.”

when it’s time

As a parent, you can hardly wait for the time to come when you are able to put your small child in sports. Especially if you were active yourself when you were young. Seeing them suit up in that uniform for the very first time is so precious. I was 11 years old the first time I actively started to compete in sports. I went to try out for football and my mother wondered where I managed to know so much about sports given I grew up with her and my two sisters. I stood out quite well that day for tryouts. And managed to play on a team and continued to do so all through high school.

group think

We all in society have this thing where we know what the other person is going to do when they are going to do it because it is so typical. We know there is this appropriate time to do something or say something. It’s like when you have to talk to your child about where babies come from, there really is no time you want to talk to your kid. But we all know that around a certain age we have to have that talk. The same exist for sports; there are ages where people say when, but we all have come to this agreement about when. Once they start school initially, we allow them to go to school, make some friends, and then we place them into sports. This way they have some type of social skills outside of the sport.

always easy when you have an example

Whenever your child has a sibling, or better a cousin that is in sports, then you can observe from up close. You are able to see an example of around the age you can start to place your child in sports. And you can start to see when your child will become interested in sports. So the culmination of options makes the decision easier. Otherwise you will be lost. And then there are the parents who never had a sibling, parent, cousin, aunt, or uncle interested in sports. That is when the choices are really limited. You are lost, don’t know what to buy or bow to go about buying anything. But in today’s society, there are so many resources that will aid you in your decision making process.

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“Train them young.”


When your child is about less than a year old, they start to get a little curious. First it’s playing with your cell phone, then they play with the remote control. And this is the time that is crucial in their development because they start to learn a lot in a small time-frame. So is about a year old the correct time to start giving them educational tools? And when I say educational tools, that is a wide range of meanings. That could be cue cards or digital games on the computer for them to play.

it’s a start

The following game below is for babies, and it’ geared toward teaching them shapes. Some parents see it as something for them to pass the time along while they are busy themselves.But what Image result for shapes gameyou’re actually doing is giving them their first educational lesson in shapes. This way when they step out into the world, they can start to make sense of all the shapes and sizes around them. Everything will start to come together and thus simplify their lives. What is complicated will seamlessly makes sense.

next level up

Below is the photo of an interactive game called, “Side the Science Kid.” And this is a step up of learning where now your child/children can immerse themselves in a virtual world of learning Related imagemathematics and science. This is an early introduction to prepare them for preschool. It’s not only fun, but also gives them the confidence to enter school. The following video is of Sid the Science Kid uploaded by the Department of Health and Human Services on YouTube: SID ON YOUTUBE.

long run payoff

As time progresses, then you as the parent will be happy you bought those games for your child. And when they eventually start school, the teachers will also be proud because it makes their job easier as well. Children whose parents don’t take that time make teacher’s jobs harder. Because now the teacher works overtime to make sure this kid is up to speed.

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