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“Everything is starting to fall.”

Since President Donald J. Trump have been elected in November of 2016, he has consistently been in the news. And now there’s a new story, adding to the already mass media hysteria. This time it’s for two incidents: the first being the Neo-Nazi/White Nationalist march in Virginia and now the firing of his Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. This now the third person who has publically been fired or stepped down from the Trump administration. The first being his former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, then his Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, and now Steve Bannon. Now the question is, whose next on the list of people stepping down. And will it eventually get to the president of the United States?

Well, there are key people who have been in the news that could be next in line to be removed from their positions. The next could be the United States Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. She has taken criticism because of her stance on how Image result for devoseducation should be dealt with in public schools. One of her stance that people took issue to was student choice programs. She felt that students should be able to use tax payer money as vouchers to attend private schools. A move that could hurt a lot of good educators. Because what parent wouldn’t want their child to receive a good education. But since we have more public than private schools it would a lot of students who don’t qualify for certain schools as well.

She also drew criticism from the Black community stating that HBCU’s were the model for choice schools. Crazy statement to make considering Black people had no choice but to create HBUC’s because we were not allowed to go to school with Related imageWhite students. And within this statement she made similar claims of leaving it up to the states in whether public schools could use federal tax dollars to discriminate against certain students from certain demographics. So she could be next on the list to be removed from Trump’s administration. But is there anyone else on the list? In my opinion, Vice President Mike Pence position is fine and attorney general Jeff Sessions; as well as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The next after Devos will be Trump’s son-in-law, and the duty his daughter serves.

See, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who not only serves as Trump’s Senior Advisor, but he’s also the husband of Ivanka Trump. Ivanka is Donald’s Advisor in the White House, which is a serious conflict of interest. Jared Kushner comes from a prominent real estate family, and his role as Senior White House Advisor Related imagemakes his role a conflict of interest with his family  business. He also came under attack for his meetings with Russian officials during Trump’s presidential run. Now his daughter Ivanka came under criticism for him appointing his child as his advisor before she stepped down as the face of her own jewelry brand. Both of these people being forced to step down could cause Trump to falter. Not to mention another advisor to Trump Kelly Ann Conway. He could begin to make even more vital mistakes.

And in the end, I feel this is how the government plans on getting Trump out of office. Break down everyone he has appointed. Then the people he trust most, force them out. Now he’s surrounded by nothing but government people he does not know, nor does he want to communicate with on any level. He’ll be gone, andRelated image Pence could step into his position, with Paul Ryan as the acting Vice President. New faces would come into play, and America would go back to business as usual. Which is what the system was supposed to have been, but Trump won. And he should really buckle down, otherwise we could see another president forced out for the first time in almost 20 years since Bill Clinton was impeached. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“People just can’t see themselves.”

The dual between parties have been a rivalry for decades. But since Donald Trump took office, now people are fighting more than ever. I spoke in a recent post regarding the shooting of the United States Congressman Steve Scalise. The motive behind the shooting was the shooter’s outrage at the Republican party. But dissatisfaction is not enough to pull a gun and shoot a politician. Yet some of these are the same people who are anti-Trump. Then you have his (Trump) support system which have engaged themselves in similar behavior. So what is it? Don’t people see themselves when they behave in this manner? Don’t people see that in violence your fight is lost.?

You have people want freedom yet, want to restrict what you say. You have those that want tolerance, who themselves have limited tolerance for others. And a lot of the hypocrisy that we engage ourselves in, we don’t see it from our own point of view. To us, the way we behave is completely fine. Because the decision make sense in our minds, so no one sees themselves as irrational. Yet, that is what we have in America today; irrationality. So, what will it take to bring people back to their senses. Because what we’re doing now is proof that not an outsider, but we are our own enemies.

It will take the backing of our leaders to reassure the public that everything will be ok. And that is something I don’t hear too much from Donald Trump. He is quiet, and when he does speak, it’s usually some sophomoric, smug commented directed at the media. But, will this stop people from behaving a certain way. My best guess is no; they’ll not like him no matter what. Nonetheless, the people have conflict with each other in America. Friendships and relationships have ended, even families are on opposite ends of the spectrum. And what’s really sad, is that long after Trump has left the White House, people’s lives will still be fractured.

And still people can’t see themselves. People can’t see themselves so much so that the dominant society’s actions have become more incendiary than the people they fight against. It almost makes Trump and Pence look normal compared to their support and adversaries. In the end, is it all hate, or are most people worried. Worried about their rights, their families rights, or maybe it’s because of the unpredictability of our future and economic situations. People just sit around worrying themselves and living in fear. Fear for a future they had hoped to see which may inevitably boil down to nothing in the end. 

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“Who will benefit, who will lose?”

In the past couple of days, Betsy DeVos has been named the United States Secretary of Education. Since being appointed, there has already been backlash over the decision of her to taking the reigns over the role.  Democratic and a few Republican Politicians on Capitol Hill feel her lack of knowledge in the field of education does not make her qualified for the job. This is a tough topic for me because I have never heard of Mrs. DeVos. The only thing I know is what everyone has been saying about her. One of the issues educators have was from an article I read in the New York Times. Contributors wrote the sentiment of educators who feel she will, “Allow students to use vouchers via taxpayer’s dollars as a means to attend private schools, religious institutions, homeschooling, and for-profit schools(article at the bottom of the page).” Now, let’s observe how this may be seen as a good idea.

I grew up in a poor to middle class neighborhood in Racine, Wisconsin. Since childhood, receiving a quality education had always been a priority of my mothers’. So she invested in our education at a young age. Setting us up, making sure we went to the best schools possible. If not the best schools, at least in a learning environment where our minds could grow. As for my dad, he is from Chicago, a city where over the recent years, education has been a topic of discussion. When observing DeVos’s plan, kids could use vouchers to go to better schools in safer learning environments, especially due to the rise in crime and school closures. Because if I’m a parent and my child/children test into a good school, why would I be against a voucher program advocated by DeVos?

Here is where the backlash comes into play. The educators are underfunded and feel that more money should be allocated to the schools. Instead of shipping children elsewhere, why not keep them here and provide them with the tools for a kid’s success. This would mean funding for new up-to-books, free or affordable meals for kids who are poor, pay increases so educators are not forced to leave the school where they teach, and adequate facilities for cultivating the young minds today for an America tomorrow. But is there another reason for outrage.

What about the idea that if parents can start choosing where their kids are going via government vouchers, then it’s see you later to teacher’s jobs. Because if I’m a parent in a poor community and I can use vouchers at the taxpayer’s expense to send my kid to a better school, why not? Why, it’s because the educators at these current schools are out of jobs. They want children to stay, not just because they want to teach, but also because of job preservation as well. My father works in the public schools of Chicago, and they have already forced a lot of them to take furlough days. Days in which they will not be compensated for; which will leave already low paid educators, even further destitute.

As for me, I’m an adult with no children, so I don’t now what is the right solution. For me, kids using taxpayer’s dollars to go to better schools sounds good. But I also understand the plight of an educator who would much rather use taxpayer’s dollars as an expense into existing public schools. One helps the student/s outside the public funded schools they will be attending. The other solution will assist the student/s as well as the teacher’s who don’t fall under the equation of privatized education, charter schools, homeschooled, or for-profit institutions. In the end, we’ll have to sit back and observe what will come of this. Because this is yet another decision, that will add to an already divisive country, brought into the loop by President Donald J. Trump that has the public rallying against him since his presidential victory back in November of 2016.