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“Protect it to the fullest.”

cerebral protection

Are you one of these people who let others opinions seep into your brain? The world has a lot of ideas as to how you should live your life. And the only person that has to live that life is you. Only thing about that is, we are creatures who seek attention from the outside world. No one wants to live their life alone, so your have to be willing to fit into a group in order to coexist. Only problem is that group might have a way they want you to present yourself. If it does not align with the group, then the group politics dictate that you need to be on the outside of the group.

keeping it simple

Ask yourself a few questions regarding the people who come into your mental space, or better yet, your physical space. Why are they allowed access into your arena that is your mind?  How close are these people to you in life? And that is why it becomes so hard for you to get rid of these people. They are right next to you everyday and have been your entire life or at least most of it. So, how I operate is to keep things simple. Look at your life and pick out the things that are the most important to you first. Then scale back from there the things most important in life in general, not just what you think. Because everything we think is important is not always important.

accept me or reject me

You have to learn to be hard, but also righteous in how you carry yourself. Meaning if you want people in your head space that are going to provide the mental nutrients you need to succeed, it means being a dictator with regards to who enters your space. It takes time and normally for people it can take them their whole lives to get to this point. But once you do, it will make your existence easier.

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abstract, business, code

“The need is now.”


The weird writing behind the computer screen is what so many are too intimidated to try to figure out. There is actually big business in learning to code. The problem is that so many people don’t know how to do so. It’s not as easy as just go out and learn. You have to have the tenacity to stick it out over time. And when I say over time, I mean can you sit down and learn and work it out for years; that’s right years. Coding is constantly changing and you have to change with it. If not, you will be working for years just to know the basics. You will defeat the purpose of learning all that time. So you have just wasted maybe 3-5, 5-7, or even more years.

what’s it all for

Some people learn for fun, but those are the people that are very few and far between. The majority of people learn coding for some economic gain. And if you are learning for the economics, then you need to understand that the word computer programming is a broad term. You have to familiarize yourself with the terminology. Because just saying coding will only make you more confused until you breakdown where you want to aim at understanding in coding. Now me myself, I am very unfamiliar with coding. I have tried and given up numerous times over. Hopefully I will try at it again some day.


Learning how to code opens the door for all types of career advancements. You can either work within an organization or you can work for yourself from home. You also can broaden your horizons in being able to troubleshoot for your computer as well. Imagine having software problems you don’t have to to pay for, for expert opinion. You can just flip the coding and find out if there are any errors you can fix for yourself. Saves you time and money that you may not have in life. Other benefits is that if you are a parent with a child, you can now educate them. It’s an early stage of learning and a way for you to bond with your child.

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“Choose what fits you.”

that thing that makes you, you

When choosing an educational path in life, you want to pick the thing that sets you apart from everyone else. But you also want to select a path that will aid in your growth after college. And that is the thing that your mind wraps around which will benefit you in your growth in life. It’s more than just going to school, it’s the foundation for you entering life.

topics of interest

Sit down and compile a list of topics you want to study. Write down the top 50, then narrow it down to 25. After that, narrow it down to 10, and from there 5, then 3. And of the top 3, choose what works for you. I know 50 sounds like a lot, but you want to give yourself as many options to choose from as possible. But I will say, once you narrow down the choices of what you really like down to a top 5, start trying out these options. You’ll know what clicks and what doesn’t.

honesty is key

Are you getting better at what it is you do? Be honest, know what you are doing is your thing. So many people think just because they want to do something, it means it’s what they should be doing. Not necessarily so, what’s good for you is not what you may want to do. It may be on the basis of how good are you at what you’re doing. So knowing what educational material your brain starts to wrap around will give you the courage to step into the world.

build your base

On your road to success in your educational pursuits, be sure to grow mentally. Go outside the classroom, and create your knowledge that you are not being taught in the classroom. If you solely depend on a degree alone, you’ll find yourself in serious trouble. You will only have the foundation, but nothing more. Imagine walking around New York City, with all these skyscrapers, and smack dab in the middle of all of them, a foundation, and nothing else. It’s out of place and a cause for concern. So build, build, and continue building.

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