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“When will it happen again?”

the fall to come

I told someone I work with, that the next major collapse could be coming soon. You know what, let me not exaggerate, I said that I feel something is coming in 2020 that is economically stressful. So I have been making the appropriate adjustments to try to make myself ready for the hit. Now, I am not someone who follows the market ritually, but you know how you get that feeling? It’s something you can’t describe, but you know something is about to happen. Now, that could be just paranoia, but for me, I would rather earn a little more money and make myself ready than to not be ready and get hit. But where is this feeling coming from because some people feel hopeful?

my workplace in disarray

I have been noticing changes in my workplace lately, but I have not said much to people. Just that I have this feeling about something to come. And that is because I have seen some things that have made me question if I will have a place of employment by the end of next year. So maybe the economy is going to be fine, maybe it’s me who needs to worry a little bit more. From the hours of working to the customer base coming into the store, I have been seeing a downturn. And my aim is at when it hits I can easily matriculate out into something else and earn a living. So what is really going on in the country that I feel this way?

the leadership in limbo

With President Trump facing impeachment charges, this could leave the country in an economic mess. Now, do I think he will be impeached, no, but then again, I never thought he would win either. But look at the country, we are doing better than years prior and the job market is up right now. So what could be the problem to come in 2020? And that is that if he is forced to step down from his post, it could mean that the economy is going to take a hit because now for the time being the leadership of a nation is impacted. Only if I could tell the future I would be able to feel a little more at ease. But for the time being I’ll still keep myself a little cautious. I would rather be too sure than not sure at all.

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Image result for RECESSION“We crashed and some still have not recovered.”


I was in my second year at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside working on my Bachelor’s Degree. The summer had just wrapped and the gas prices were on the rise. And not just any rise, but they were becoming a problem for me and other Americans. Then, the next month, there started to be this huge drop in stock prices along with another incident; Lehman Brothers collapse.

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A company that had assets in the hundreds of billions and yet they still were in the hole by a few hundred billion. And that collapse led to an entire meltdown of the system. Because to me, I thought companies fall all the time. But a $1 billion fall is a lot different than a $600 or $700 billion fall.

it all falls down

Then over the course of the next year, the entire system as we know it started to unravel. I thought, as well as the entire nation felt like we were headed for a Great Depression. So what naturally happened? Well, there was a run on the banks. And that’s when we found out that the banks themselves had been compromised over the years, and they had melted down also.

Now what you have is a $600 – $700 billion collapsed company, multiple banks faltering, which meant a whole host of other issues, and to top it off, the automobile industry was ripped at the seams.

change we can believe in

This is it, the year history was made. The election of America’s first African American president Barack H. Obama. And with his election run, which to date is one of the most successful runs in U.S. history, made America look on the up. There was this new feeling of hop and prosperity coming out from this recession. Not to mention a new president who would take the United States out of a war in the Middle East.

adult, african ethnicity, barack obama

But even with President Obama in office, there was still this feeling of hopelessness. Because what transpired in the American economy was going to take more than a monumental presidential run to fix the system.

lessons for the future

What I learned from the downfall is that you must have other aspects of income coming in (usual cash), never expect tomorrow will be just as good as today, and understand what you can afford. Corporate America has to be accountable, but people also have to know what they are capable of sustaining as well. We all, to an extent was way over our heads. Hopefully we learn so it doesn’t happen again.

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