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“Face to face is still important.”

put your devices down

There is a problem in America today and that is we do not have face to face communication with our youth that will prepare them for the world ahead. These smart devices are making it tough for a generation to survive. Because when you step into the workforce you are going to be dealing with a lot of people face to face. So how do we get people, especially young people to place their devices to the side and make sure they are communicating face to face. Because without these key skills, you will have a very hard time succeeding in the world. And so much of who you are is predicated on what you do for a living. So where do we start to help people?

losing the ability to talk

A strong trait of mine is the ability to have an objective opinion. I also like listening and speaking to people that I philosophically disagree with, but just listening to them speak is something of importance. Recently Ellen DeGeneres was chastised by people who said she should not be speaking to former President Bush because he is of a different party. To me that is the most uneducated person or people who make those types of statements. In order to effectively communicate you have to be able to have a link of communication with those you disagree with. Especially someone like a leader of the country who you will depend upon to make decisions that will effect your life.

if the machine breaks down

Ever think what people would do if these social media platforms just started shutting down? Because you have people who solely depend on these platforms to express themselves. Now, it’s not the end of the world because we existed before it all. But it would like to see who is able to cope once it is gone. Because prior to the boom of social sites, people really only dealt with their inner circle and then they tuned out to the world. Now we have a constant cycle of news letting you know something. And the problem with this, is that it can lead to more problems than it solves. So you have to learn to disconnect at some point in order to cope in the world.

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Human Hand Holding White Samsung Duos Android Smartphone

“We have to put in down at some point.”

too wired in

We are in a time period where we are consumed with our smart devices. You walk down any city street and all you see are people looking down at their phones. Even in your car you’ll see people driving holding their cell phones. So why have we become so wired into our technology? We don’t even converse anymore because I remember not long go seeing a young couple out for dinner where they were both on their cell phones. And what’s even more odd, they probably were conversing with each other. Shockingly enough, yes, people in a younger demographic talk through phones sitting right across from each other. So what are the long lasting implications of always being so tapped into a piece of technology?

miss those little tactile moments

At every stage of technological advancement, we miss out on something. And the things we miss out most are those little moments that we sink in and remember for a lifetime. It’s like dating in society where you have had to go through a series of moments in order to get to know someone. Now we just jump straight into a situation where we miss out on all those build up times. So when you look back and reflect, you can say to yourself I did this and that which brought me to you. Now, you don’t even connect because everything is rushed. So as time go on, how will you be able to appreciate the time you first met someone.

missed opportunities

As a photographer and indie filmmaker, for me to walk around society looking down would be a big problem. You get your best ideas taking notice to the things that the masses pass on. If your eyes are looking down, then you miss the beauty face up, or even in the sky. But outside of this, the biggest concern would have to be the job opportunities that you miss out on because there is no eye contact. If you notice talking to someone from a generation that is current they have a hard time maintaining this eye engagement because the communication is lost. Now, not all hope is fully lost because the technology can be used as a positive. Since we are so technologically connected we can use that as a means to better communicate.

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