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“That oh so good feeling.”

in the sheets

Ever read any statistics on sexual lifestyles? If you have, then you would know that people who have routine sex have healthier hearts and a better quality of life. Now note, when I say routine, I assuming that people orgasm. Which is something that the vast majority of woman can not do during sex. And that is because the average man last considerably less time than a woman. So a lot of women refuse sex from their mates. So what can you do if you are this position to have a better sex life? Or better yet, what is the hope for those out there struggling to have sex? I guess they can’t experience the greatness in health related benefits.

not engaging at all

Things may take place if you are not having sex in your life. This could mean not only the personal feelings associated with emotions, but also the lack of physical abilities. This could mean you have a hard time lasting in bed and erectile dysfunction. But it’s not like you just walk outside and get sex. You have to be desirable and if that is something you lack, then you will never experience any form of love. What a tragic feeling in life, but what are they to do. Our initial attractions to each other are physical, and people can’t help the genetics they have, which contributes to their lack of sex. It hurts, but that is the way of our world.

not able to reach climax

For this one, it is more geared towards women. And that is because women struggle to achieve orgasm than men. And the reason being, performance from the other partner. But how do men last longer because that is a big reason along with other capabilities. And there is no 100% right answer to this question. Because he has to be interested in getting better as well as working at it. But if you are with a partner that is already turned off, how does this work. So this means men lack confidence and women have their own set of depression.

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Close-up of Woman Holding Condom

“Not so pleasurable.”

Scenario: You meet this person and agree to a date. You go on the date, date goes well. Then after some time the relationship starts to get serious. You love their energy, conversation, and how well they treat you. Then you eventually you find yourself in an intimate setting under intimate circumstances. And here you are about to have sex with the person you’re in relationship with, and, yuck, just like that, disappointment. What would you do and how do you deal with the situation? Are you able to be in a relationship, or better yet a marriage with someone who does not please you sexually? Are you willing to give up a relationship to go out searching for someone else who can please you? There are people who say it’s not worth losing someone, but just as you have those people, you have the other side that feel like it’s worth losing.

Well, let’s look at both sides of the coin. First and foremost, let’s start with the why you should stay. This passage on why you should stay is important because in a society where relationships, especially good ones are hard to come by, is it worth losing and starting over for sex. How about looking at some statistics for sex. Researchers have compiled stats and found out that average sex last somewhere in a range of 7 to 13 minutes. Anything under the 7 minute mark is considered too inadequate, and sex lasting significantly longer than 13 minutes is too long. So why am I giving the stats for sex time? Well, it’s because if you’re going to give up a good relationship for sex, know that the average couple has sex twice per week on average less than 10 minutes. Is 10 – 20 minutes in a week worth an entire relationship?

But now, how about the flip-side of the situation. And that is that sex is more than just the act itself. Being physically into someone translate into a whole host of other areas. It can effect how you communicate on a daily basis, and it has potential of effecting your mood throughout the day. Well, how so? People who reported having more pleasurable partners during sex, show a higher satisfaction in the relationship which leads to less fighting and more fulfillment out of life. But also sex is important because if you’re going to be dating this person, or better yet married, shouldn’t you be sexually into the person. How do you spend the rest of your life with a person in marriage that you have no physical attraction to; that can cause a strain in the relationship. So in essence, it does make sense to a degree to want to end a relationship.

In the end, rather you should end it or not is ultimately up to you. There is no right or wrong answer as to what you should do because everyone approaches the situation differently. But whatever you shall choose, know that you made a decision and live with that decision. Because people tend to stay or leave then get mad at the other person for staying, or angry at others for leaving. Know that is your decision, and as long as you can live with that decision, then make whatever choice you have to make. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“It’s either I do, or I won’t continue.”

Women have always sought out to be wives. Even as young girls they are raised to find themselves a husband. They’re taught that you’re short changing yourself by settling for dating. But the things that women want pertaining to marriage are basic. So basic, do you really need marriage. Or was marriage designed and asked for, for different reasons other than the love. Because love is something you have which brought you to the marriage. There isn’t anymore, the love you have is the love you have. You’re not biologically this new person after you marry that you weren’t when you were not married. So what is it that you become? Can’t be about responsibility because you must be responsible prior to the marriage.

Marriage is the paperwork, not the love. What do I mean by the paperwork? Well, let’s first look at what marriage is in the first place. Marriage is the contractual obligation of bringing together of finances to assess if the relationship will last for the long term. Meaning, laying claims to assets in the case the relationship does not pan out. Which is a huge indicator into why women so desperately want to marry instead of dating. Women say it’s love or in the eyes of God, but it’s really in the event something happens to the man she can continue to live after he is gone. Now when I say live I don’t mean she is unemployed and he is the breadwinner. Even if she has a career along with him, her one income can not sustain the life of both when he was alive.

All of this makes sense considering woman would have to go through someone else if the man gets sick or dies. And what do I mean by going through someone else. I mean that if you and a man are not married you not considered in a lot of places next of kin; especially if he has siblings and/or parents alive. You may be put into a situation that they are able to dictate to you in the event something happens to him. You’re concerned with moving forward, while they are more concerned with a new man replacing their son or sibling. It could actually wind-up stalling your further progress in your own life.

So in the end, why don’t women just say what the real reason they want marriage is for; shame, that’s why. We shame women in society for being real in their intentions. We call them gold diggers for expressing what they want to marry for, a comfortable lifestyle. So they say love and compassion, yet you don’t need to marry for those reasons. We stigmatize them so much that they must now recontextualize what they want to fit into our male dynamics to make us happy. It’s why women make excuses of, “He may not have this and this, but he has this.” They lie about what they want because they don’t want to be judged on the truth. Yet they negatively effect our lives by manifesting what they lie about because they feel a moral obligation to please us in a male dominated environment.