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“It’s more than just the money.”

self employed

So many people, especially young people have this idea of this life they want , or seen. They can see it so vividly that they are able to literally draw out the image. But there is only one problem. And that problem is that they don’t realize the time one must put into their work to get the best results time and time again. We only see the finished product never the time put into the work. That is all the hours of putting garbage together hoping it translates into something even though we know it’s going nowhere. Then, that person sucks it up and does it again. And do it again and again until it works for them. But it’s so hard to see all this work when you have lavish lifestyle dreams. Dreams that are possible but not without the work.

blinders to reality

ow come we don’t see the hustle? Better yet, how come we don’t wan to see the hustle? We don’t want to see the work put in no merely because the work is less luxurious. We don’t want to grind because there is no guarantee. Imagine working ten years and no progress. You lose so much time that a lot of people give up. But I remember a quote by Thomas Edison, “Many of life’s failures didn’t realize how close they were to success when they finally gave up.” This quote reminds me of a photo I once saw on social media about two men pick axing for diamonds. One the guy gave up but one more swing have mad him wealthy.Now the other guy kept on swinging. That instant gratification is just not real unless you’re browsing the internet.

want it more

A lot of people say they want it. But do they really want the job of being a self made businessperson. Are you willing to get less sleep like your competition and work longer hours.  Most want it for about one month, then when six months goes by it changes. Then you have two years, then five years, and after ten years, the vast majority of the starters have fallen off. And it has nothing to do with talent. It has everything to do with sticking out the times to work.

raw skills

Now here is the part most people don’t understand, the talent. What is your skill that has you in a class of your own. People may ask, “How do you do that?” There is no real way because the brain just does, it’s hard to explain. All i can say is put the time in learning, then it becomes

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“Know when to say when.”

the pursuit

When you are in the pursuit of your business career, you have to understand that everything won’t be for you. Understand that you may not have the tolerance to deal with the constant unknown. Or you might not be good enough to pursue. And in the event you’re not good, or getting good, then make a corporate decision. That decision would have to be to ditch what you are doing and get into something else. But how do you know when to ditch what you are doing? Especially if you don’t have a peer around you that can provide you with the appropriate feedback.

get the feel

How do you know you are becoming a really good cook. Well, you do it over and over and admit when it is good and admit when there are things that need to change. Once that happens, you avoid all the heartache and pain. But getting that feel requires a high level of self understanding. So many people are self congratulatory, and want to think they are more than what they are, so they lose this way. Knowing where you stand, you can understand when you’re comprehending information. Because eventually you’ll get the right feedback, and without taking the steps to understand whether you’re getting good or not, professionals in your field will rip into your work.

don’t force it

Ever try forcing a piece of a puzzle into a space? 100% guarantee you that it’s impossible to do so. Because just give up and realize the inevitable. Once you try forcing you put yourself in a place that is worse than before. And all your work was for nothing. So when you find yourself at that crossroads where you think you are not making the progress you want, then toss in the towel. But make sure you have really tried all the options that you can possibly imagine.

is it a failure

I have out myself on a ten year window to become a good enough writer to break into screenwriting/filmmaking. I have put myself on a three to five for photography. And that is rational considering the amount of competition out there in the world. So know when to give up and move on, but also know when sometimes you don’t give up, it’s just the hardship of your career goals.

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