Gray Dream Freestanding Letters

“Use their money or your money.”

financing dreams

Since moving to New York City, I have been pursuing my career endeavors which include screenwriting, photography, books, and soon podcasting. But with me so focused on working a day job as well, how should I finance so many goals? Better yet, who should I get to finance goals? And that is when you find yourself in a strange situation. And I say strange because when someone else finances your work there is voice you tend to lose. And not only the voice but the initial equity in your work gets lost to them. They are the ones sacrificing the income. So you have to build your money before doing it yourself. It’s like my short films, I raised that capital.

your money

You will take it a lot more serious when it is your time and money being put up. You’re not going to be playing games because you’re taking from your own immediate daily life to fund something else. So if you are not taking this serious, you are wasting a lot of precious resources.  And you are on your own time as well and not on someone else’s watch. They will be constantly reaching out to you about the progress of your project or as they’ll say, “tracking their investment.” But what can you say, it’s their money. But not all outside investments are bad.

their money

Some of the biggest known companies started out as firms that were first invested in by people other than themselves. Sean Parker and Peter Thiel gave an initial investment to Facebook in the beginning of its start. And it has grown to be one of the biggest companies and largest social media platforms. Receiving an investment from outside will also give you time to focus on the business end since being given this investment. You are able to focus so that those who did give money can see their investment is growing. And another side note when using money that is not your own, your business if in the event it needs to shut its doors, there is less hassle than the loan you may take from the bank.

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