Grayscale Photo of a Woman Sleeping

“I want you to see what’s like to be me.”

my pain

Anyone that belongs to group of people who have had to endure a long history of pain must be careful. They must be careful because it’s very easy to slip into a role of being the one doling out the hate. And this happens since a lot of the times we become the people we have had to deal with especially if there is no culture to the people in pain. You adopt the nature of the ones that hurt you and it now becomes a situation where now you’re making the same excuses as the ones who hurt you just to have yourself a legs up.

it’s different

We always make excuses for why we treat individuals a certain way. But when it’s actually time to breakdown the thought process there is no clear and concise answer. We are so used to behaving in a certain manner and it not being questioned, that we are unprepared to answer questions. But what happens now that the shoe is on the other foot and you ask someone to state a clear idea as to why they feel a certain way. They can’t give you a reason, they’ll just say it’s different or you’re against them. But people will not have to conversation. And the reason being is because there is no logical explanation and an explanation would further expose the fact there isn’t one. So in a nutshell, I am saying to hurt dole out maybe not the equivalent, but aspects and find reasons to not say it is so.

blind to the issue

Believe it or not, there are people who don’t even see their own internalize disdain that has also been held for them. We dilute ourselves into thinking a lot of times that we are better than the people who hurt us. But we become bastardized versions of them and transfer the hate. That’s why there will always be this form of hate in society. People need a reason to say this group is responsible, then enough time goes by where that group is no longer in control. And then a new group becomes the oppressors and the oppressed.

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