“If it fails, we replace it with something new.”

where does it come from

All of our culture comes from somewhere. And I don’t mean the idea that it comes from a specific region of the world. I mean where does it all come from inside. We as a human species developed culture for some reason. Why did we create culture? But, are we the only species with a culture?


When you’re talking about culture, what is the time in which it takes to die out? Now, I’m not referring to the types of civilizations that were built on strong cultures. I am more so referencing the cultural trends in society. The ones (trends) that come in and leave just as fast as they came. Who decides what a trend is, what’s trendy, and how long it last?

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The story of Kylie Jenner stating how much she does not use SnapChat and the subsequent lose of $1 billion in a trend that can hurt. She is someone a brand wants, but do you want your client to be so verbal. Well, this is the horse you rode in on, when your main spokesperson is a 19 year old with not a lot of business background. Someone who knows, you state that after the life of the product dies, not while it’s hot.

why trends are replaced

When a trend comes to market, we don’t initially jump on it. There are usually the beginning users, then the secondary users, then we get on. Then after a while, the majority start to fall off, meanwhile the beginning users have moved on to the new thing that everyone else will follow. But who chooses these people set the trends?

Because if we knew these people, then we could kind of figure out their moves. And to an extent we do know these people. The only thing is, who will replace them, that is unknown. The first users are privy, but the rest of society are not. Like Ed Hardy clothing brand by Christian Audiger. Once it became the societal thing, hen it went to mass production. Next thing you know, Ed Hardy dies. And just like that it dies. Why, well when everyone can access it, it loses value. Because people who are outside the culture uses it, and now we who patronize lose interest. For instance, your parents attending your favorite pop group’s concert.

reinvented trends

Doe trends ever find themselves coming back? And the answer is yes, they do come back. but enough time has to elapse. Like I live in Harlem, New York, and a nail shop inspired by the 1990’s opened. So far there are customers coming in, but that is a trend that eventually is replaced itself. And we will always have trends that come and go, but capitalizing off of them is where the hard part comes into play. Because they can last for years (baggy jeans) or weeks (Pokemon Go).

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