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“How we adapt is impressive.”

the us that is us

Throughout history, man has used our extremities to make sense of the world around us. That means using our hands, feet, and ears to maneuver our ways through life. There was a lot of trial and error throughout life but we weathered the storm to get to where we are in today’s society. Now today’s topic is how humans use our anatomy to survive in the world. I’m sure early on in life we used to many methods of eating and hunting, but we ultimately learned the best methods of life.


The limbs serve as such a vital role in our ability to maintain on this planet. And when we don’t have them we are unable to survive. Well, for the greater portion of our human existence we were unable to do so. IN the present we have these different ways to live without legs, feet, arms, and hands. But let’s observe how the limbs work.

  • The hands are used for more than holding items and picking items up. The hands served as the ability to grasp hold of weapons for defense, as well as engineering and infrastructure initially in society. But a major aspect of the hand was the use of the opposable thumb. The thumb is used in everything we need our hands for in life.

black-and-white, bones, hand

  • The feet serve as a way of movement with an ability to pivot. Kept us from being prey for so long as a species on this planet. But we had to find means of developing protection because we were open to so many infectious diseases and climate changes.

Human Feet on White Sand during Daytime

  • Legs are the addition to human movement that gave us the ability to further become predators and not prey. Imagine a world wear humans had no legs. But legs also serve as a way to find food for ourselves in high places.

asphalt, clouds, endurance

  • And the arm is the further extension of the hand that gives us the ability to lift. The hands grip, but we use the arms to pick up items. Try using your hands without your arms bending or moving. It’s impossible to do so.

architecture, arm, blur

  • The human ear serves as ability to hear trouble when trouble is lurking. We still have that instinct today when walking up the street we hear noise behind us, we quickly turn around. This is a survival method that has brought us thus far in life.

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