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“Important to live in the moment.”

We all have some sort of regret or thing that we wish could do over again. But have you ever had someone in your life, or something you wish you had of done differently that you could have back for just one hour. If you had one, who is that someone you wish you could spend time with, or that activity you want to do again. My moment I wish I had was the week prior to my mother’s mother going into the hospital. Because little did the family know, she would not come home. And it’s not because I didn’t see her enough, it’s because a major element of the family had just been taken away. So you go back to those moments because the family was planning for Thanksgiving dinner. So what are your memories of the past you wish you could relive for an an hour.

It’s tough to go back to that moment because what will happen is that you have to deal with the idea that the person is not coming with you through life. You only have a short amount of time with them. I guess that’s why in life you always hear spend the time with the person while they are here. But even in time spent, you still have a hard time letting go no matter how long the person has been here on Earth. The person could live to be 100 years old, and it’s not time to part ways. Like I said before, we wish to go back for an hour and meet the people, but what about our experiences. Are there any experiences that you wish to relive that could be lived over again for an hour?

For me at least, I wish I could go back to relive that hour before track and field practice where I injured my leg. It kind of led to the spiral of me not playing anymore high school sports. And it also showed me who people really are once they feel you’re not doing what they liked you for doing anymore. You are not the person they liked, but now you’re just another person that goes to school. It gave me an interesting outlook on life. So, just to go back to live that moment is interesting because looking back, the faces of people would have been interesting to view. How it was the end to others, but little did I know the beginning for me. It was an understanding into people and when they feel you serve a purpose to them. And in the end, that is why we live these moments once and can’t go back. They are learning lessons, and set you on course sometimes for something greater. So if you go back and change something, who knows what life could have been for you. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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