A Nation of Picking Sides

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“Are you left, right, or neutral?”

Race, Racist, Racism! The topic has come up once again in the United States. I wrote an earlier topic on the Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers whose decision to sit for the national anthem became a national media story. The protest has come from what Kaepernick feels has been unethical and immoral treatment of Black men at the hands of law enforcement in America. Now there has been even more protest from numerous players throughout the league. But with the protest comes strong criticism.

Many of the opposition feel that Colin and the other players are disrespecting the flag as well as military troops. Those who disagree state that troops fight so you can have to right to protest and have freedom of expression. But this is more than just a viewpoint regarding the troops or the police. America has a social issue that goes further than how we communicate today; especially when you are Black or White.

In my opinion, the country is designed this way. You don’t have a split viewpoint like this as just a coincidence.  We like to think that it is the media spinning stories, but when two groups of people going back and forth, it goes deeper than just an anthem. The problem in America is that we don’t genuinely tell people how we feel. There is an editing system built in before it leaves our mouths. Yet the feeling never goes away.

I have noticed the difference since childhood. An incident takes place, White and Black have different views. Now, you’ll have a few people who sway to the other side, but for the most part there is a stern stance on both sides. So until there is more of an honest discussion in how we feel about each other there will always be a disconnect.


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