Kevin Hart Effect

Aversion, what is the meaning of aversion. The meaning is a strong feeling of dislike. Well what does this have to do with the title, “Kevin Hart Effect.” If you’ve been hearing lately, a lot of people have come at Kevin Hart with such an aversion. Now, for those of you sleeping under a rock for the past few years, Kevin Hart is a very successful comedian. His career has took him from small comedy clubs to motion pictures and full on comedy tours selling out soccer stadiums. Great job for a young man coming from Philly’s roughest inner city neighborhoods. Yet now that he has come into his success I’ve noticed the hate. And when I say hate, I don’t mean haters, I mean pure hate. You would think him and people who attack him had some type of personal relationship together.

You ask yourselves, why would anyone have hatred toward someone who built their life from poverty to prosperity. Especially if your life is going so well. Generally, these are people who lives are not going well, or in the direction they would like. In the words of Sir Charles Barkley, some people need to blame others because their lives suck. Don’t get me wrong, having an opinion by stating you’re not a fan of someone’s work is not hate to me. But their comes a point where it’s very obvious it goes further than just an opinion. Recently, another comedian has gotten a taste of the Kevin Effect; Leslie Jones. She was ripped to shreds because a Hollywood studio chose to remake a film that people were against.

I just don’t understand where were these people when you’re struggling. How come no one pays attention to you when you’re at the bottom? My guess is that want to see you one way, usually below them. Once you rise, especially above them, then it becomes a conspiracy as to how you made yourself a success. My earliest memory of Kevin Hart was not in a comedy club, but 14 years ago when he played in a movie called, “Paper Soldiers.” Since then he has starred in television shows, comedy standup specials, and a number of films. Yet, I never heard of people’s comments then. It’s odd to me how people become comfortable with you being in place in life, but progress is some sort of penalty. And the sad thing about it, there is no real rational reason.

If you sit someone down and have a conversation with people regarding Kevin Hart, or anyone else who has taken his path you can’t get a straight answer as to their hate for these comedians. It’s interesting that these individuals receiving such disdain are comedians, but it stretches further than that. You hear the dislike for Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and Tom Brady, who by the way was drafted in nearly the last round of the NFL when he came into sports. There’s something about people who start at the bottom, rise, and then the group that wants to see the rapid decline. Which brings me back to how you see yourself. If you see yourself in a positive light, then how do you find the time to go after anyone else. This is for people too much time on their hands because they spend their entire lives just existing. Whatever the case may be, who will be next to deal with the Kevin Hart Effect.


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