Have you ever wondered why we find it so hard to speak from the heart? It’s almost like the lie sounds so much better than the truth. My understanding is that people tolerate the lie because they have a hard time accepting how someone genuinely feels about them. We want to believe things in life have changed, such as people’s feelings and views on life. For example, we are made to believe that racism has ended, but then when we hear open feelings regarding racism that sound antiquated, we quickly reject them as nonexistence. We want to believe that in our heart of heart that it has changed so we dismiss it or we attack the person. Now the attack of someone is quite interesting. Because instead of having an open conversation regarding the matter, we act as if we don’t want to uncover some internal emotion we may be hiding.

Even comedy has been much subject of debate for the content they present. What’s odd about people being offended by a joke is that what they find funny is offensive to someone else. It all comes down to good is good if it’s good for me. To believe that we live in a society where we want to control each others’ language, while saying things ourselves that someone doesn’t like it so pompous. What us as the individual so important, or better yet what is the rationale behind your words are not offensive but someone else should be silenced. For example, a public figure makes a comment people don’t like and demands are put forth to force an apology. While on the other hand disparaging remarks made about a group of people by that same group against the public figure and the cry of, “People should stop being so sensitive,” is heard. This is why everything is on the table. Everything in context should be discussed in both public and private forum.

Note that I said both public and private. Honest conversation even in private has caused controversy in society today. When things have gotten so bad that conversing at home could get you into trouble, sensitivity is out of home. Then, once everything is in the open, it’s hard to go backward. Once it’s out there for public consumption it takes on a life of its own, but why? Why is what someone says or does in the privacy of their home meant for public consumption? Since when is the discussions we have so important the world needs to know? Who has decided that we’re privy to someone else’s conversations; us that’s who.

That’s right us, the collective. We have moved into this weird area in society of self-policing each other. But we are not self-policing people for serious crimes that are a threat to society, but our language. We are willfully relinquishing our power, turning it over as if we being held at gun point. Why do people self-police language the way we’re doing today? My belief is that we want to act as if we are accomplishing something. Accomplishing something in a world where we are so irrelevant. I may not be able to effect change in my mediocre life, so why not complain a get this public figure to grovel. It means nothing, but at least I accomplished something. People need to not apology, and push back against the language. If not, eventually, then your language will be repressed. And by that time there will be nothing you can do because you have already given up control.


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