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“What to do, what to do.”


Trying to make your mind up when choosing one over the other can be very difficult. I have stood for up to 10 minutes in front of a vending machine once when trying to make a decision regarding what to eat. And sometimes I choose an item that is so mundane, that I wonder what took me so long to make the purchase. So, where does it come from in the mind? Is there a deeper reason why someone would be so indecisive, or is it just a thing we do? Well, you could look at this topic from multiple perspectives.


We often stand around, not able to make a decision because we want to make a decision that we are able to live with afterward. We don’t want to make a fast decision, then it comes back to haunt us later. Those are what we call impulse decisions; decisions that are made without much thought into the decision. And making an impulse choice is fine if you’re buying a bag of chips or cookies. But when you buy a house or car, this is most often the most indecisive decision because it is more long-term. But how come we are this way as humans? Is there a deeper implication into the lack of decision making.


Throughout history, humanity has found means of surviving on this planet. And one of the ways we have lived for so long is the idea that we make rationale decisions. And from these decisions over time, we can now understand what is good and bad for us. So the inability to make a decision is from a very long time ago. A time when we didn’t quite understand the world around us. A time when making the wrong move could render us extinct. And yes, believe it or not, there are families that died off for whatever reason because somewhere along the way the wrong decision was made that cost the family to stop. So, not only is the indecisiveness a short term and long term reaction, but it plays a vital role in our human evolution.

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“Live everyday not like it’s your last, but like there is a tomorrow.”

Have any of you ever heard of the phrase, “Don’t put off tomorrow what can be accomplished today.” Very important phrase, but far too often we live by the phrase, “Live everyday like it’s your last.” That sounds fine at all but what about tomorrow. We think that life is short, but in reality it’s long, very long. And the more you screw up in life the longer it’s going to feel. What do I mean by that, this is what I mean. You get arrested and have to go to prison, time seems to stand still. There are no clock nor calendars so every second is a drag. But someone who is in full swing into their career of choice feels like there’s not enough hours in the day.

So why, why do people waste time thinking they’ll get to it eventually. It’s because there is no sense of urgency in some people. When you’re young, this is very prevalent because life is set up for you to a certain extent. From pre-school all the way through undergraduate school, your daily schedule is laid out for you. But once you leave this undergraduate experience you’re thrust into the real world. So what do people do, you put stuff off, you put stuff off. Then before you know it, you’re 30 years of age and nearly a decade has gone by since leaving college. By this age, people start to really buckle down, unless you’re one of those people still with no plan.

Problem is, when you’re one of these people with no plan, you roam the world not knowing what you want to do. But in your mind you go, I’m still young. And then there’s the people who see individuals their age you came into success young at 30 or 31 years old. They compare themselves to these people, so they get down on themselves. Fatal mistake because they could start now and still be young by the time they come into their own. But what do they do, they regret. And go to sleep, wake up tomorrow and now they’re 40 years of age. And now you’ve wasted over two decades.

40 years old seems like a ways away, but I have a sibling almost 40 years old. With me almost 30 years of age, I see the value in preparing yourself in life early. Lucky for me, I was the baby, so I got a chance to see two siblings come before me in life. They left college and worked for a while in addition to traveling, until they came upon what it is they’re doing in life. So I had a template in life to work from. But the overall real problem for procrastinators is the worrying of what others are doing.

When you’re busy trying to figure out your situation, it’s hard to worry about others. If I’m in 5th place, the last thing I thinking about is who is in 6th or how 1st and 2nd are running a 1st or 2nd race. My goal is to surpass that point or the person in 1st and 2nd. And if my trajectory serves me right, I’m on that path at the moment.