“Save something.”

hold on to your earnings

As you earn, you will be prompted to spend money. But remember something, as you age you will need to live on something for the days when you can longer earn. But in the paradigm of living we only think about the now. Yet what about the thought of tomorrow. You can’t just live frivolous and worry when that time comes. Because if that time comes and you have nothing then it becomes your own fault. Why do we do it? Why do we live like there is no tomorrow and only for today? And there is more to this than most people are willing to disuss.

your upbringing

How you were raised says a lot about how you look at money. When I grew up, it was all about paying bills then if you have more left over. But few think with this mindset. Especially if you grew up where money was not as cared for and respected. Yet even in a house where money was valued, some people still spend without thinking about tomorrow. Me, I’m always thinking about the machine collapsing in on me. Maybe because my mother lived off of why put off til tomorrow what can be done today. So my necessities havw always been number one.

keeping up with the joneses

We as people do not like being left out. And because of that we must spend to keep up with the crowd. But will the crowd be there when you falter due to your spending. You have to think about living another day. Live everyday as it’s your last is the dumbest concept. Or do people take that statement to literal. Because living everyday as your last does not mean spend your last. If means get up everyday being productive. Just in case this is your last day on Earth.

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House Lights Turned on

“Affordability is key.”

my first purchase

Buying your first home is such a daunting task. And the reason I say your first home, is because some people have been known to sell what they have invested in the house for an upgrade. But usually, people have a starter that is somewhere in the ballpark of about 2,000 square feet. It won’t cost that much, whether it’s a condo for $150,000 or a little more, or a ranch style home for Related imagejust over $200,000. That is because people buy their first homes when they don’t have an income that is high enough to buy the home they really want for themselves. But what about the age in which you should buy. Because age and income go hand in hand.

older more settled in

As you get older you most likely will notice you are able to make more income than in the past. That is because you have amassed enough knowledge to grow your income. Waiting until this point means you have made enough money to buy yourself an even bigger home. One that is more of your dream home than your starter home. Hopefully you can have this house between Image result for dream homethe ages of 35 years at the youngest and 45 years. Now buying a house for the first time this late in life is a waste of money you lost leasing. Yet on the other hand how many people own their dream house in America?

saving is key

How come we have such a hard time saving for the future? Reality is not that we can’t save money. We love indulging in the things that are around us. We want to vacation and go to restaurants, or buy significant others gifts. Problem with that is have you ever tried keep a rolling tally in your mind of the money you spend on clothes, car, accessories, and vacations over the years. Imagine the money you were going to spend on a lot of these things you kept. And over a 10 to 12 year period you bank it. You could put a down payment on one nice property.

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