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“My view is view.”

Over the past year, we have had all been in debates, for the most part surrounding the election of President Donald Trump. But the problem is not just the constant debating, it’s also the fact that no one listens to multiple sides. For me at least, I watch not only CNN, but I also watch Fox News. I want to gain insight into both areas of politics, then make my decision somewhere in the middle. Or I make my decision based on who won that particular argument of the day. But you have so many people who look at life through this one lens, which is more harmful to themselves than to anyone else. If your life revolves around the people that think and talk like you, then you’re missing out. Missing out on what could actually make you a greater you. You probably are thinking to yourself, how so?

Well, for starters, if you have a multiple perspective, then you can gain a more worldly view. Meaning you are able to connect to those that are different than yourself. But you are also able to understand where someone is coming from. You still might not agree, but you know why they feel the way that they do. You could be a Democrat and I a Republican; yet if we are listening to each other, you can accomplish more. Because a successful civilization is not one that is perfect, but more so, one that is stable and optimal. We don’t need everyone agreeing on everything, but when no one is listening, then you start to lose rationale. And once rationale is lost, you can forget about trying to fix any problem you thought you were going to fix. Why, well at that point it is just straight emotion. Straight emotion never gets you anywhere in life. And how so?

Emotions are something of course we all have; I’m not enlightening you on anything when I say that. But the problem is that when we become too passionate about why we feel a certain way, we lose hold of practicality. So then we start making judgments when some of the very people we support fall under that category. And the reason we don’t see it is because we start to believe in our own bullshit so much so we don’t hear anyone else talking. And with shut ears and open hearts, you lose your argument. Also, this extra passion is a sign that you don’t have enough passion in your own life. Because it’s fine to be passionate, but too many people have too much passion to spare. And if you’re getting enough passion in your personal life, you shouldn’t have too too much to spare. Meaning, more passion in your personal life, you are more balanced out in your practical conversations with other people, not 100% guaranteed, yet still valid enough.

In the end, people have to block out multiple perspectives because you might hear something from the other side that forces you to give up your points. And no one wants to bend under any circumstance. Yet if all you do is shut out others’ thoughts and opinions, you’ll find yourself being taken down a rabbit hole the moment someone on your side breaks the rules. Now you have to think on a fly as to how to get out of the argument and defend your person. When all you had to do was open your mind, and you can keep yourself from being led down a lot of paths. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Ever find it hard to break free?”

Photo drawn by Cami Neimann

I have never gone to jail, but I have been around people who have gone. And there is this institutionalized inability sometimes for them to coop in the dominant society because they have been locked away for so long. They tend to ask permission to go to the bathroom, they’re subordinates to everyone around them, and there is this slight paranoia when people unfamiliar to them are around. Because when you’re in prison you have to learn to survive under duress. You have people trying to physically harm you, you’re stuck in a tightly packed confine, and the food is horrific. So matriculating from prison to the outside world is tough.

But that’s people who went to jail, yet not everyone is like that. A lot of them receive their diplomas or even college degrees in jail. So how is that they are more productive being locked up in prison than free on the outside. Well, that’s because depending on the person, freedom is subjective. Not everyone walking outside feels free, and not everyone in prison feels trapped. Prison can be a very mental construct. A construct which brings people in the correctional institutions to be begin with. So how does a person, or better yet how can you spot a prison trapped person? One of the ways you can tell is by the person’s lack of realization of their own potential.

When people go to jail they can focus on college unlike on the outside because it forces to you to evaluate yourself. You can’t leave the confines of this small space, so you have time to reflect and figure out what you can be in life. And hopefully, if you’re going to be free one day into general population you can reach your potential. It’s hard to get to that point when in society because all you see is what’s in front of you. As well as you look at your situation relative to everyone else around you. For example, in society you can see people prospering while you struggle. And it appears to you, there is no upside for yourself so you feel trapped. But when in prison, you’re locked out from that outside world. So you can’t see them living it up as you struggle. You can focus on your situation more without comparing yourself to someone above you.

Another way to spot prison minds is by how people having a lack of curiosity for new experiences based on their own ignorant views from limited knowledge. For example, my older sister introduced me to sushi; and I never would have tried it otherwise. Because to me, people are crazy for eating raw fish. My lack of getting to know something as simple as a food dish, was helping to shape a view of a group of people I had never met. Or me not wanting to ever travel to Germany because of the Nazi history from 70 plus years ago. Not putting yourself in the know is a prison minded person. Here I am afraid of Germany because of a Nazi past, yet my racial experience in America made me content with being here with no problem.

Other prison minded ways of thinking is being content with not advancing. Thinking that this is what I was born as, and there is no upside. Living in New York City, you would be surprised by how many people have never been to Times Square from New York. They’re so locked in mentally, that they don’t even realize it’s a $3.00 train ride, or even a walk away. This can be very prevalent in the economics of an environment as well. Where people growing up poor think of even a middle class lifestyle as far-fetched. Because when you’re poor you live for today and think about tomorrow when tomorrow come. Middle class people think about next week today, and upper class people are anticipating the next couple of months.

So in the end, just because you are not in prison does not mean, your mind is not locked up. As a matter of fact it’s worse to be locked up mentally than to be locked up in a correctional facility. At least in prison cells, everyone around you is in the same predicament. Outside in society you see the world passing you by. Sad thing is, some people will spend their entire lives trapped. Not realizing their full potential or self worth.