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“Step your game up!”

dough is important

We all want to make a good income, or what we define as a good income. But what happens when you are in a relationship where you feel pressure to make a certain amount of money, or be at risk of losing that relationship? This tends to happen more with men than with women. And when you are approached with this ultimatum, then you are begin scrambling for ways to make more money. But a career is not you scrambling to make money in a quick way so you don’t lose the person you are dating. A career is something you have to be willing to put a lot of time and energy into which can take years. And it’s not something that you gain by saying, “Ok, now I’m in this relationship, I need to be better.” You have to put in time, and have someone these that understands what you do or seek to accomplish.

who makes the most

The following pie graph are of the top jobs that men have worked in the year 2018 that researched by CNBC. And this is why so many, especially young men seek these types of jobs. They are the gigs that pay the most money so they can be looked at as an attractive

candidate for a monogamous relationship. Now, just because these are the the highest paid jobs, don’t mean that every guy who is employed under this title earns this amount. Usually, these top incomes are reserved for those that have the most years of experience and/or the best in their fields. So if you want to earn the money they do at the top, develop a skill that allows you the ability to be in this select few group.


forgoing your life

If you are constantly working, you are going yo to be missing a lot of quality time with your significant other. So that will also start to be a problem as well. Because if money is a motivator to be with someone, then you can’t be around them the majority of the time. But then your relationship falls apart because you aren’t there most of the time. Here is where you actually lose productivity on the job that could help you earn more money. Mentally you are out of it, and now that wears on you in your career.

move on dude

Money does not work in the context of you make it because someone else want s you to make it. It happens when it happens. And rushing the process could actually prolong your journey through your career. So your best bet is to keep on going. Let that person be someone else’s problem. You don’t want to sacrifice your mental state in your career growth.

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“Who should I listen to: me or them?”

family first

A lot of times, when we make decisions concerning our lives, we inform family members. But what happens when the very people paying for your education want you to pursue a career that they want you to pursue. How do you deal with this in life? Because we all have something that we want to pursue and then things others want us to do. Well, what choice do you make because we all want to please those around us. But we also want to be happy as well in life. So what to do, what to do.

cut loose

Easier said than done, but be prepared to cut loose. And when I say cut loose, I mean be prepared to have them not only be disappointed, but travel this road alone. Because if you are not what others might want then, you will ultimately not have their support either. And that is when we typically listen to those around us. We want to continue to eat off of them. Yet when you break free from others, you can make your own decisions. But still, we love the snacks, they taste too good. And breaking away from them means eating crumbs. No one wants to eat crumbs, we all want to eat well.

give them reasons to care

We want people to follow our vision, but the problem is that it’s your vision. And you can’t expect people, even loved ones to care about your vision. In reality, they will be the hardest critics of your passions. Because since they are family, they will assume they know you more than you. You will not be taken serious until you put your time and energy into your work. Just saying I want to do things is talk. Put yourself in harms way to succeed, and see what happens. When you fail and give in, that is when family tells you why you should have listened in the beginning. Proving them wrong is on you. Because until you succeed or at least show progress, they will never change their minds.

your vision is your vision

Like I said before, don’t expect your family to care about your vision when it’s yours. The images are thoughts swirling through your mind, not theirs. So you have to make things happen on your own so people can see where you’re coming from. But just saying I have dreams mean nothing. Have actual plans and goals, and consistency within them. You’ll be respected much more in the long haul.

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