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“How to galvanize for terror.”

When observing the human species, we have galvanized throughout history for a wide range of reasons. Whether it be to protest rights for groups of people who have been marginalized, or galvanizing to push back against a war that is claiming the lives of many. But what I have attempted to study over time is the ability that man has to galvanize groups for killing. And I don’t mean any type of killing, but bringing a group together for genocide. How does a man such as Idi Amin who was responsible for the Ugandan genocide or Adolf Hitler who ordered the murders of millions of Jews during the Holocaust galvanize for death? And that is something that requires you to go into the mind a little deeper. And it means looking at a few psychological indicators: social programming, infliction of pain, and appealing to the emotionally distressed.

In an effort to understand how people can round u into a frenzy to kill mass amounts of people, you have to look at the first part of the passage above: social programming. Well, how do you socially program people to look another human and convince that group of people to commit mass genocide on another group of people? Let’s first look at a few examples as to how you can control people via social programming. Look at slavery in America and the ability to convince humans another human is 75% human. As much as  

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we like to think we as humans are thinkers, we have an Achilles heel when thinking and that is that we seek answers to information, especially perceived complex problems from people we deem are scholarly. So if a group of ten people are sitting down together and one is perceived to have more knowledge than the rest based on how he or she is stating their points, we will believe them to be right even if we are right in our own regard. 

Why, well because the perceived knowledgeable person’s vocabulary might be more vast. So the scholarly people respected in Europe during the time of slavery all had ideologies about Africans. And since these scholars were well traveled and few people outside the scholarly community left Europe, you as a European citizen take what they say at face value. So, stating these Africans are savages, we all believe. Only savages can be used against each other for conquering. Which means they must be some subhuman mammal. People will follow their word, especially at that time when information to the public was limited. And on top of that the European civilization was deemed civilized, and anything else was less functional. Now that’s the social programming. What about how people are able to inflict pain?

During the Holocaust there was a multitude of people used as guinea pigs in the conduction of human experimentation, walking children to gas chambers, and setting fire to dead bodies after being killed. You might ask, what human is capable of enforcing such horror on another human being that you previously saw walking the street. Well, I go back to the experiment made famous by a psychologist by the name, Stanley Milgram. He conducted an experiment which showed how an experimenter could get the tester to administer a shock to the learner. At first the teacher is reluctant,Image result for holocaustthen eventually, the teacher is shocking the learner without order. An experiment which showed how a human given orders could harm another person. Now in genocide, there is twist, and that is that if the teacher does not administer the shock, the teacher could be killed. And self-preservation results in being able to take another human life.

But what about the ability to appeal to the emotionally distressed? Because when you take away a group’s ability to existence, and you are able to have a common enemy that is shown to the people, then you can also get humans to react. Such as how the Nazis were able to speak to the ethos of the financially stressed and hurt Germany. Or how the Rwandan Hutu leaders were able to make the people feel they needed to seek revenge on the Tutsi. Here is a basic example on a much lower level. When someone loses their job, and are down on their last. Someone gives you food and shelter. You are told you deserve more, and should have more. But you also have to comprise of a group of people who have held dominant power for so long. This is important because it’s why historically agendas have been easier to make White men turn on another group in America than Black. The ideology has long stood that this (America) is your (White men’s) country.

With that said, these are generally the individuals who turn to groups like skin heads or KKK. When you see groups that you used to have the upper hand over, now in positions of power, no matter how small that population may be you’re fighting against. Speaking to the hurt in someone, especially if that someone is of a group than has long been in charge. But in the end, a real biological reason you can turn humans so genocidal is that we are not far removed from apes. We share 99% strain with them, and are  1%  Image result for humans and apesdifferent. We think we’re special because we build infrastructure, but on a level of mammal, we still hold that animal inside. The smarter of the humans are still baboons, yet they are of the stronger baboon that realize there are dumber baboons who are led by emotion, not logic and reasoning. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Power can corrupt to be covered up.”

The photo above is of legendary film producer Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein has been in the news over the past week since the allegations of his sexual misconduct over the years emerged. Now that he has been removed the Weinstein Company, the conversations are starting. So many people are now saying that they knew something was up. Actresses are stating to now come out and share their stories. But, how come no one came out sooner? And it has a lot to do with having a position of power. A man like Weinstein is at the top of the heap in the entertainment business. So no one would dare come out and state how they genuinely felt. Only a chosen few have stated how they felt and the rest kept quiet. And now that he is ostracized, it’s in the books that we can all now talk about Harvey. So what is about power that keeps people quiet?

As children, we are raised to be honest and stand-up. Then once we become adults, all the rules go out the door. We find ourselves defending people that we would otherwise never defend. Because it’s easy to say that we are these stand-up people when there is nothing on the line. But in that space and time, it’s harder to go against the grain. And the higher the person sits on the totem pole, the harder it is to talk. So if you work a regular 9-5, and see misconduct you get nervous. But at this level you can anonymously give the name of the person/people involved. On the other hand, when looking at a company the size of Enron, you can understand why it’s a tougher go. But a woman did flip on Enron, yet ever since then, she has been a pariah in the financial sector, even though she is a hero to the masses.

Which is a main reason as well that people don’t talk and protect the ones in power. It’s also because when the time comes to testify, you will be ostracized later on. Why, well because so many people might be conducting the same type of business. So they applaud because they are happy it’s not them getting penalized. And in the end we all keep quiet when we see things happening. Because no one wants to feel the repercussions of being ousted for talking. So keep quiet, and keep your job; then talk if something is ever uncovered. It’s ugly, but that is the harsh reality of living in our society where power reigns supreme. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Making yourself appear to have it, without really spending it.”

The above photo is of clothing co-founder Daymond Jones of the company FUBU and now co-host on ABC’s Shark Tank. He recently wrote a book entitled, “The Power of Broke.” The book opens people up to opportunities of making a living without having to believe they needed to be born into wealth. In reality, Jones himself was not born into wealth. He and a close group of friend built their business from scratch selling hats. The hats weren’t that great initially, but they kept on going. Eventually, FUBU became a major clothing brand. The brand was making at it’s height $300 million plus globally. The brand today is not what it was during that time period, yet Daymond has gone off to broker major business deals.

Now, what can the average person do, to build themselves, and practice their own power of broke? One way that the average Joe can exercise the power of broke is to cut back on spending more money, by purchasing products just as nice, but at a lower cost. One decision I make is buying shoes on Amazon from small retail stores on the internet. They are in the range of $30 – $50 per pair. I would usually go to the mall and purchase sneakers for $100 – $150 a pair. I have even bought clothing on the internet that is cheaper than buying in the store. I take my money that I would use for buying more and put it toward my goals. What else could this work in your life?

Another way of practicing the power of broke besides cutting back on the purchases you make, is to realize the opportunities when others don’t see them. If you do come from a humble background, you are in a very interesting position whether you know it or not. Number one, there is nowhere to go but up. But also, because whatever you do is more than what you started with. So if you only make a few hundred dollars a month, it’s a few more than when you first started. You can’t look at it like, “Oh, that’s nothing.” But a few hundred dollars extra could pay for a utility or some other payment for the household.

The last power that Daymond talked about was the idea of getting a mentor. Which is tough for a lot of people because it requires reaching out asking for the help. No one wants to reach out for help and get rejected. So a lot of times we try to build by ourselves, when in reality no one has built any form of success alone. Having someone to guide you along is very crucial in your success. You see, in the end, it’s hard to exercise the power of broke because we want to keep up with others or not be looked at a certain way by others. Yet, part of power is not caring what others have to say. And once you are able to let go of that fear, then you’ll become better off as well. 

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“It will be televised.”

In America today, people have been up in arms since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. There have been protests and threats of boycotts. Even the United States government have been going after President Trump. In addition to all this, Trump’s constituency is still going strong. Now, with all that’s said, is America headed for some form of a revolution. I have never seen Americans this on edge regarding a US president in my life. So what is it that has gotten people so up in arms. We have always been divided on leaders in this country, but this time it’s a lot different.

For starters, people are out of work and employment is low. And on top of that, over the past year we elected a very polarizing president. But about the employment situation. America is rapidly changing from a labor based society to a information/technologically based country. And with so many people unskilled in this area, they have become quite desperate. Desperate for jobs and desperate for leadership. So what happens next, the people elect a man that no matter what he says or does, he’ll win if they feel he is in their best interest. Since winning in November 2016, his (Donald Trump’s) followers have held on strong. But then there is the other side.

Then, there are the people who are against him. These are the protesters, the boy cotters, and the people wanting him to be impeached. For me, living in New York City, you’re used to seeing some form of protest. But since Trump won the presidential election so much has taken place in Manhattan. Even the government has been harping on this Russian influence in the presidential election. We have not been this interested in an election of a president in a long time. So with what has been said, is America overdue for a revolution? Which could have different meanings depending on who interprets the word revolt.

There are a few types of revolution: fighting back with protests, there is the violent upheaval, and then there is the artistically sound way to respond. On the protesting side, all these protest should not be looked at as just people marching the streets. These are people who are actually galvanizing for the next election in 2020. These are people who represent the 60% that voted against the president as well as the those that didn’t vote for him. On the other hand you have the violent exchange. This is what people might want to stray away from. Because the fire power of the US government is much more than what the people have in our arsenal. And, you also get very little accomplished because more of a rift takes place in the system. So violence might be seen as a way, but that is the absolute last result.

Then there is the artistically sound method of addressing an issue in our society. Artists have already started addressing the issues of today’s America in the work. No matter if it’s the music, the paintings, sculptures, filmmaking, theatre, fashion, and/or publications. Addressing issues through art has always been a revolutionary way to reach the masses and effect change. Whether it’s breaking color barriers through sports and rock & roll, or making entertainment that connects to the way we all feel about a particular situation. In the end, America is on the verge of a shift in this country. We have always dealt with social issues in this country, and always have had our ways of addressing them. Only time will tell on what happens next in America.

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“How do you define greatness?”

When most people think of the word great, they automatically assume it means good. But what we fail to realize is that one can be a great leader and be a bad human being at the same time. How so, well Martin Luther King Jr. and Adolf Hitler were both great leaders. Just hearing those two names used in the same sentence draws criticism. But remember what I said; I said great leaders are different from great people. A great leader is someone who can command control over an individual or groups of people. Good people are those who seek to be as moral and ethical as possible for the greater good of all mankind. So it is possible to be a great leader and yet be a bad person.

I think saying that Adolf Hitler was a great leader creates such disconnect with a lot of people. Understandably so considering he ordered the deaths of millions of people in one the most genocidal acts in human history. But if he were not a great leader, how would he have managed to get people to follow him so closely. It’s easy to say, well he spoke hatred and separation. But any man can stand in the street and spew hate, but how does one get others to listen. For starters you have to be able to command an audience by connecting to the masses through an emotional channel. You do so by expressing an already internalized feeling that people hold. Then giving them a reason to feel angry by transferring that rage onto someone else. Therefore you make the powerless feel powerful by convincing the powerless they are losing at no fault of their own.

After convincing people it is not their fault, express how the country has turned its back on the powerless. While at the same time gave what is rightfully theirs to someone else who is not deserving. We as people love to blame our faults and pitfalls on others. Speak to that emotion and discredit people higher up: media, politicians, and powerful world leaders who say otherwise. Furthermore, you empower this group of people by convincing them they are more than who has been benefiting outside of them. The idea that all is possible is a testament to great leadership, but not a good person. Well what about great leadership and good people.

Martin Luther King Jr. was both great leader and great person. He is the testament to what good can come of the world when one uses their powers for good. He had the voice, the ability to empower the powerless, yet also empower the powerless without making the powerless feel superior to the powerful. Because when you make the powerless feel empowered by way manipulation you get a Nazi Germany. The powerless group channel all their anger to the group who supposed to be in their way of progressing. This creates a reality built around vagueness, and does not aid the powerless in their pursuit of freedom. This is why MLK was successful in his pursuit.

MLK had the voice, the words, and the heart to get his point across. He empowered Black people by encouraging them to combat the hate not the group. Even though our rights were being violated by White men and women, channeling the anger to this group as a whole is counterproductive. Instead, you channel the anger and rage into a strategic plan that sways those in power who happen to be White men and women. Because once those in power make the call, the rest will follow suit. See, in the end, greatness is an ambiguous term. We use it to mean good, yet great can have multiple meanings. If you Google great leader, you’ll see all the good-nature people because that’s how we use language. But broadening that terminology will better aid in understanding how the bad people become great leaders as well.


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“The real threat from the west.

Looking through photography, watching television, or walking up the street, I view the above image. The image is of a woman dressed from head to toe in complete burqa. What is normal in some regions of the world, is offsetting to me and my upbringing. Growing up in the Midwest United States, the burqa, which consist of full body covering, with even the face covered, where you only see the eyes, is a new experience for me. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up going to school with both Muslim males and females as well as having respect for other people’s cultures. But the women were not fully covered with a veil over their faces. Mixed emotions are felt by many when seeing such an image like the one above. Especially when the individuals criticizing the image are women, mainly from outwardly liberated countries. Me on the other hand, now that I am an adult, I see the real threat from the West to the Middle East: freedom. But I don’t mean freedom of press or speech, I’m talking in regards to the women’s liberation.

I have noticed a shift from the older generation of conservative women who are Muslim that have long covered their bodies and faces, to a more relaxed liberal age group who barely wear their hijab. Well why is this a threat to the Middle East. Well, when you are a man living in the West versus the Middle East, our women not only are more free to casual wear anything, but we have become used to it. Men throughout the Middle East are not used to their women going over them fashioning themselves in whatever they please. Why is this so hard for men in the Middle East. Well, given that men in America have gone through various movements with women while they gained rights and privileges to act, work, talk, and dress how they please, we know how to work around the push back from women. Meaning, men in America have had to learn to adapt skilsl to get women’s attention rather than women becoming submissive to us.

Men in the Middle East don’t have to deal with the same level of competition for women as men in America. The women are more in line with how the men want them to behave. Not only in line with behavior, but what they must wear and work, if allowed to work. Now this is where the threat comes into play. As the West becomes further and further stretched out globally, the Islamic world faces a threat by way of the women. You can only keep people in line as long as they don’t understand or know about the outside world where they dwell (N. Korean, for example). The only problem is that technology and innovation is gaining in access that eventually the women will start to become more disobedient to the men. Why, it’s not a rebellious attitude as much as it is woman. Meaning, women in America at one point in time were just as obedient to their men. All it took was for a small group of women to open their eyes and convince them.

The scary aspect of the Islamic world is that how would the men deal with such matters. If women yanked off their burqas and hijabs off in mass and started protesting for instance all over Saudi Arabia, what would be the reaction from the men? Under normal circumstances, there would be some sort of punishment. But on a mass scale, you couldn’t really do anything. Why you ask, because the woman is the cradle or bearer of a civilization. She births all of us, so the Saudi men couldn’t attack the woman because a threat to her is a threat to everyone of them. Which brings us to the terrorism. Maybe the real terrorist acts are because the men are afraid. Maybe afraid that the liberation from women in the west could cause questioning from their women in the Middle East. Without prior experiences to deal with such matter, the men would be forced to succumb to the women’s wishes. How could this hurt the men? Well the same way it hurts American men.

In the past, when women in America were submissive to the men for the most part, every guy could get a woman to some degree. Now that women have the rights and voices they do, they ask for more from men: physically, mentally, economically, and spiritually. So many men view this as unrealistic and subsequently wound up alone in America. That fear I sense in Middle Eastern men. Can you imagine? A wealthy, more attractive Muslim man wouldn’t be affected, but the average schlub would feel hurt. So the fear of having to compete or the fear of losing something is always lurking. Until the fear diminishes, this is one topic that will always cause problems between the two worlds: the West and Middle East.