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“I can if they can.”


An entertainer is a very broad and ambiguous term for what we want to see in performance. Yet we have come to know entertainers in pop culture as people who are famous. Circus acts are entertainers, but how many of them are mainstream. No, no; I am referring to the famous faces we see on television and film.

And the question remains, who are they really? And why are we enamored with them. What is it about the fame aspect that makes us want to gravitate toward them? And also, what does it mean in regards to today?

anyone can be

In today’s society, anyone who can build a platform is considered an entertainer. It used to be you had to go out to Los Angeles in hopes of being discovered. Now, as long as you have computer access, you can be the entertainer. If you have a YouTube channel that you have built, now you can have your own channel/s and become the entertainer.

But are these people really entertainers or just merely individuals we watch until the next more popular famous faces come out with something great?


Here is the key difference between the entertainers we see on the internet and the famous faces. The famous faces have built something that is truly sustainable. And as for the others, they tend to break down over time. Because a lot of them are not building anything that is based in lasting. They have had a hit video that stood out, some stroke of luck.

Now all of a sudden we look to them like they’ve done all these great things. In reality, they are just window dressing; filling in for the next project of the bigger acts we know and love.

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“Where do they go from here?”

I have been following the school closures in the city of Chicago for some time now. Some of the schools closing made sense and others didn’t make sense. The ones that did make sense had schools of only a couple of hundred students, and some smaller schools had less than one hundred students. Then you had the other places where the performances were so low that the buildings had to be closed and redistribution of students were enforced. Now my reply to all this change is once these new schools open for students, what will be the requirements and how many students will be allowed to make a full matriculation? But most of all, for those without a home school to go to, where will they go. Because there are laws prohibiting kids below a certain age to be in school. Laws that were put in place in the 19th century to keep kids from working in the labor force below a certain age. So kids between ages six and sixteen must be in school.

So with that said, kids will find a school. But will the schools be of adequate quality for them to attend, and how far away will the school be located? Some students may have to attend schools miles further from the distance they normally travel. And if they can’t make the distance, then you’re talking more overcrowding of schools close by. So what are some possible solutions because every kid is not going to have the opportunity of a new school. One of the ideas I came up with is to try to encourage home-schooling for those that are able. What used to be seen as taboo has become more popular in today’s society. Another suggestion is private schools opening their doors to students who perform well, yet are unable to get into these new public school and don’t want to attend the overcrowding, low performance schools. Because a student that performs well should always have a school to attend.

Now, a more extreme move is something that is of suggestion as well. That is to make the leap and move your child completely out of the Chicago area. And if you’re in the African American community, this suggestion makes sense considering the already disproportionate numbers of violent crime in the communities. So on top of the crime you’re now worried about how your child will be able to attend school. And in the end, what will be the ultimate decision if so many of these students can’t find a home school to attend? Where will they go, if they have any place to go? Will students be forced to attend schools so far out of the way parents are forced to pick up and move from the city? We’ll have to see once some of these schools are complete in the year 2019.

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