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“Ever wonder where we’re going?”


As the Sun travels through space, the eight planets are pulled toward it. You have the twos solar systems: the inner solar system and the outer solar system. The inner consists of Mercury, Venus, and Earth; and the outer solar system comprises of Jupiter, Saturn,Neptune, and Uranus. Now as these planets are being pulled toward the Sun, the Sun is traveling the space at 45,000 mils per hour. Scientist has speculated that the Sun is moving through space toward Lamda Herculis, which is a constellation about 370 light years away. But with absolute certainty, where are we going as we shoot through the cosmos.


As we shoot through the solar system being pulled by gravitational forces toward the sun, we know nothing walking about our daily lives on Earth. Scientist can speculate all they want, but we don’t know for certain what will happen in space. For all we know, the Sun could be taking us toward something catastrophic that could lead to our demise. Now granted, scientist have technology where we can see a lot before it happens. But my issue is that there is nothing you can do to stop it. Just knowing is not good enough, if there is nothing you can do. On Earth we fight over politics and other social issues, but there is something lurking above us, that could be our demise. The video below I found on YouTube: MN MKTstyle Published on Nov 7, 2014.


We have been hearing for some time now, that maybe it’s time for humans to venture out and start looking for other planets to inhabit. Now, that is easier said than done, considering the closest planet that is Earth like can’t be reached by today’s technology. Physicist Stephen Hawking speculated that humans have really only the next 100 years before we really start running out of resources here on Earth. And that means we start to fall apart after that point. But that is only a theory because who knows what will happen over the next 100 years. Think back 100 years from where we are now. You look back at the year 1918, then now. View the photos below at what has changed over 100 years, and let’s see if 100 years from now will we leave Earth for Earth-like life.

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As I sit here, I think to myself how interesting it is to me how much we sit and wait for the return. If you think I’m referring to religion, then no, not the return of God. I’m talking about the aliens on this planet. All my life, I’ve heard about the aliens that are supposedly out there in the universe. Watching and waiting for an opportunity to come to earth. But then I started to think about who the aliens could be. Maybe they are not coming in peace nor wanting to war with earth. Maybe just maybe, they feel we are far too boring to deal with, or they’re far too advanced for us. That’s right, as much as people think we are so special, aliens might feel there is nothing special about us. We build homes, cars, manufacture cars and clothes, build skyscrapers, even put man on the moon. Aliens probably look at us like, “Awww, look at these cute little humans.” “They’re building these little engines for carrying humans.” “Oh look, they even built an aircraft; even reaching space.” Our genius could be seen as something futile to an alien. Or maybe it’s something more humorous than we know.

That’s right, I said humorous, like entertainment. Aliens might look at Earth as cable television with countries as the television networks; meanwhile country’s conflicts are like television shows. For instance, Israel and Palestine is the channel while their conflict serves as a television show. These two groups of people throwing rocks and shooting at each other is like humans watching the discovery channel as Cheetahs chase down Gazelles. To us as people, we see the conflict as serious, but it’s entertainment to them. America is another channel, while our race for President serves as another show. The Presidency could be seen as a new season of television where main character changes every four seasons. Aliens look on and go, “Wow, didn’t see that coming.” “Americans are making some odd selections this season.” “These characters are not as interesting as the past.”

Even our entertainment might serve as entertainment to them. Or it might even be seen as something odd and confusing. Aliens might think to themselves, “What are they doing?” “Sitting in front of a box and watching each other run around with balls and sticks.” Arenas could be seen as just as confusing and odd. “Why are these humans watching other humans run around and put balls in hoops?” Sports, if not odd or confusing, might even be seen as a bit of a dumb activity. Oh, and don’t bring up our science. The Hubble Telescope and other space endeavors might be another confusing aspect of humanity. They could be thinking, “What are they doing with that telescope (assuming they even call it a telescope)?” “Then they go, “Awww, they’re trying to take pictures of the Big Bang.” “Only if they knew, they’re not even 1% close to solving anything.”

In the end, maybe there is someone who will eventually, if not a group of people that will come close to finding extra terrestrial life. This life could be something super intelligent or maybe they’re not that special themselves. Maybe we’ve been seeking other life and the life is already here. Asteroids hit Earth that killed the dinosaurs. Asteroids carry cells made capable of evolving. In that case, maybe we’re the aliens. Maybe we’re the ones from another planet that evolved into what we are today. Well, we won’t know, well at least no time soon.