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“Watch what you say or do.”

know the room

So many of us when we are working don’t understand the environment in which we work. We converse and interact without really knowing the people that are in our immediate surroundings. And this is becoming more and more evident the more time progress. In the years past, you knew who the boss was in the building. You knew the name of “Mr. Big,” sometimes they would call him. Now, Mr. Big could be in a sweater and jeans with sneakers and unshaven. You just have to be aware that this person could be in a bathroom stall next you, our at a vending machine. Places where so many improper conversations take place. You should and have to really mind your manners.

stop looking for the boss

Instead of trying to figure out who is the boss so you can learn to curb your persona, just be that person. Because of you are just putting on for the boss, then other people will see that and word will get around the office. People will talk and eventually the boss will see that you are not one of these genuine people you make yourself out to become. And that will hurt you more than if you were to just come outright and say what you’re about. Faking it will only make the boss like you less once they do meet you. And depending on the boss, they might actually approach you about your behavior.

learn from others mistakes

The people who used to be there and got the boot names will surface. And when they do, you will hear why they got fired. This should be enough to get you to change your ways if you are a similar person. The way these people are talked about, you would think they were individuals you knew personally. So be mindful of the people who used to be you and it didn’t work out for on the job.

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“You are in control.”


We all move about our daily lives not thinking about how our minds work. Only do we think about how the mind works when we are given a medical diagnosis. Then our minds start to move all over the place. But what about on a daily when we are moving about throughout society. Ever show yourself to society without even realizing you’re showing yourself to the world around you. These involuntary actions that you don’t think about that make you who you are in life. And they’re only involuntary because you have built yourself into this person.


Most of our behavior is involuntary actions that we don’t think about doing. Liking waking up going to the bathroom, brushing our teeth, taking a shower. We don’t generally think about these things in the moment, we just do. But what about actions such as talking to ourselves as we move throughout society. And the only way you know you’re doing this is when people start to stare. And after a while, you start to get this feeling that everyone is looking at you. Now we curve the behavior, but it’s only a matter of time before you start again. It’s not necessarily due to a mental problems. You could be working out issues mentally that come out verbally. So you have to learn how to talk to self with mouth closed and mind wondering as to not come off crazy.


When looking at statistical data concerning our behavior, below is an example of how professionals might try to make correlations between two variables. (The graph below is a fictional chart, only meant to express how data is shown, not a real study).

The above graph is an example of how behavior would be looked at through the lens of a professional. Showing how depression could lead to higher levels of negativity in ones life, where the lines represent people tested. So with higher levels of depression more negativity, but the lower the depression, the lower the negativity. And both these variables could ultimately have major impacts on someone’s life.


So, where you want to wind-up is up to you. Do you want to be someone whose negative actions define them? Because understanding how you behave and knowing how to shift that behavior is pivotal in happiness, satisfaction in life, and success.

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“The choices we tend to make in life.”

The above photo is of the historical fiction novel, A Lesson Before Dying. This book would later go on to be made into a motion picture played by Don Cheadle, Cicely Tyson, and Mekhi Phifer. A story about a young man sentenced to death for the killing of a store clerk and two of his associates. The film gave a really great depiction of the racial relationships of the South, as well as the harsh realities of growing up Black in the region. Now my topic today is how does ones’ choices influence their lives moving forward. Because in A Lesson Before Dying, all the main character had to do was pass on a ride with his friends.

We may all see it as nothing more than just a ride with some friends. Yet, in the film, there was something that made Mekhi Phifer, the young man sentenced to die, hesitate before getting in the car. Something in him knew he shouldn’t have been riding with those guys. It’s a feeling at times that we all have when being in the presence of someone we know we shouldn’t. It does not necessarily have to be a group of friends. You could be in the presence of family and a monogamous relationship. But the reasoning for Mekhi’s character getting into trouble is a story anyone can relate to; outside the racial premise of the film.

So many young men have been offered rides by their friends. Then get into the car and find out in the course of the ride, their friends have just committed a crime. How do you explain to the judge that you had no hand in the matter? The answer is, you don’t; and unless they state you had nothing to do with the matter, you’ll go to jail as well. Better yet, what happens when you ride somewhere and the people you are with commit the crime while you’re there with them? There is no way to plead your way out of that situation. In the case of A lesson Before Dying, the culprits died themselves, and Phifer was charged and executed for the crimes. In today’s society, you might be able to argue your way out, but not Jim Crow South.

Which brings me to my last reason point regarding the company you keep. You need to understand where you live and the laws as well. Southern laws are of the strictest laws in America. And what may be a slap on the wrist in one state is prison time in another. So in the end, you need to understand a few key words of advice. Watch the company you keep, be comfortable with decisions you make, and understand the place in which you reside. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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