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“When the actions of one effects so many.”

Last night, America was hit with breaking news coverage of another mass shooting. This time in Las Vegas when a gunman opened fire on a crowd of people attending the concert of country music recording artist Jason Aldean. What people at first thought to be fire works turned out to be gun fire. The shooting was coming from one of the hotel windows of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Resort. The assailant targeted crowd of people who were at the Route 91 Harvest grounds, which is located across the street from the hotel and casino. This morning the news has now confirmed fifty people dead and over four hundred wounded. Now my topic today is why must the actions of a few dictate so much of our daily lives? Because I can already hear the critics against so much of the second amendment. Should we be having these discussions instead of honoring the victims?

My first view is of the actions of a few. So many of the laws we put into place are always in response of a few people. And when I say the few, I mean 10 people who affects the lives of 10,000 others. It shouldn’t be allowed considering 10:10,000 is of such low significance. But when you see the aftermath of these ten people, then you’re able to somewhat understand. Because last night the person who did this was responsible for hundreds being affected. Now think if 10 people were assailants last night. Which is why we are forced to change the way we all live. So, does this mean we need stricter gun laws in the United States? Because like I stated in the paragraph prior, you can already hear the arguments being made over gun control. And should we observing what has taken place last night?

Now, those that are not into the political debate will say it’s too early for such comments. But we have no choice but to discuss this as well as why this shooting has taken place. We are already in a very socially and politically charged climate right now. So who knows what the reasoning for the shooting could be. But since the assailant is dead, we will not, at least for the time being, know why this took place. But we can all agree that we are living in a very divisive country right now. From the crisis in Houston and the Caribbean stemming from the the hurricanes to the politically charged protest in the NFL. But in the end, when life is at stake, or life is lost, it stalls so much in society. And in this landscape when there is chaos, we come to each others’ aid. But, above all, in the future, I only hope we can decrease the chances of these incidents like what took place last night in Vegas from happening.

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“Potential for something sinister is brewing.”

Since President Donald J. Trump was elected in the White House back in November of 2016, there has been a sharp rise in radical views. The feeling has been that he has sparked something in these groups to make them behave a certain way. Could there be some validity to the argument because he (Trump) has expressed disdain with the same people that masses have been angry with as well. Or, could the anger be over something different than the racial viewpoints coming from the news. Could it be that the feelings are coming from a place where we should be focusing our attention, instead of on the president’s language? I have a theory into the rising tension in the United States.

Yesterday was the shooting of a Republican Congressman Steve Scalise. He is currently in critical condition in a hospital, along with a few others that were assisting him as well. The shooting was targeted at Scalise because of his political affiliation. But what would prompt someone to shoot a politician in this country simply because they are of another political Related imageaffiliation? I think one of the connections is because of the disdain for leaders in this country. People have constantly expressed their anger toward politicians for not performing their duties in the manner in which they promised. People who feel they are doing their part, yet every four years, you only see politicians actively working when they are running for re-election. But, is that the only reason as to why this country is growing in radicalization; no.

Another reason tensions have been flaring up is the lose of jobs in this country. With manufacturing work being sent overseas and people becoming more and more desperate, I’m surprised there aren’t more of architecture, building, emptythese incidents like Scalise. It’s the reason why our leaders not only should assure the country that everything is going to be fine, but work to make everything fine. Because that desperation from people could easily flip into something much more sinister. You might start seeing the election of leaders who embody men of hate from the past. Do I see a Nazi regime taking hold, no. But could we still see a climb in people who teeter on that level, we most definitely could. People have been known to make some pretty crass decisions when their back are up against the wall.

But there still leaves one more reason that the tension has been growing in this country. And that reason is one that has been long standing; racial. Throughout the United States history racial issues have extended itself to African Americans fighting the dominant power source, which has historically been White males, for freedom. But what we have now in Related imageAmerica is something far different. Now the large number of White men and women are felling shutout. What’s interesting is that the majority of African Americans still struggle in the United States. So if these White men
and women feel slighted, who are they losing to in the end. Because the business environment is still predominantly White, college universities, medical field, engineering, politics, and outside of basketball and football, the vast majority of sports.

In the end, if the confidence is not placed back into the lives of the American people we could start to see radicals taking hold in our country. The Middle East won’t be the only problem on the government’s hands. People are becoming desperate and that’s the real problem. So many get upset with Trump calling him racist and gender biased. But the real hateful person is lurking and watching from afar. Yes, Trump is flawed because he’s not used to taking orders, which is something you must be willing to do as president. So Related imagehe’s shooting from the hip, causing himself to lose support. But I can’t agree with the hate aspect of people’s view on him. Yet I will say, people voted for him out of desperation. And if they will vote for him out of desperation, how long before real threats present themselves into our society. Moving forward, he need to stop delving so much into petty behavior and the citizens have to work with our leader, otherwise draining the swamp will be draining to sewer, but in reference to radicals and not politicians. Because at this moment that sewer is becoming clogged with raw sewage looking to present themselves.




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