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“What should we really stand up for?”

Since the NFL players have stood together in solidarity over not only police brutality, but President Trumps choice of words, it has me thinking about what we really should be protesting. Police brutality effects the Black community, but what are the bigger concerns. Should we stay strong with this protest, or redirect our focus elsewhere? Because if you look at the community, police brutality is actually not the biggest concern. The education system is of major concern, healthcare in the community, and the biggest would have to be employment. So why is so much of our time devoted to making sure NFL player Colin Kaepernick is eligible for the NFL? Well, given those issues we should be focused on, why are they more important?

In regards to education, we should focus on this topic because when you look at the Black community, you’re talking about a lot of poor people. And when you’re looking at public education, you’re generally pulling from the taxpayers in the area. So when the taxpayers are living below the poverty level, then you have children receiving poor education. And if the education is poor, what is the use of sending the children to school. It seems pretty counterproductive because even when they graduate, what college can they really get into. So, maybe the right thing to do is for Black communities to pool finances and create educational opportunities from within. Because this pulling from the taxpayers is not going to cut it. There is just not enough the system is doling out to the younger generation. And with our spending power of approximately $2.5 trillion, why not?

Well, what about healthcare in the Black community. There are so many health concerns when observing the community, and a lot of it comes from the food choices in the environment. Everywhere you turn there is a fast food restaurant. I live in Harlem, New York, and you have fried food establishments in every block throughout the neighborhood. You don’t have enough healthy choices especially for the younger age group that serves as an alternative to junk food. But when you are poor, the fast food selections are what you can afford. So going to a McDonald’s eating off the $1 menu is cost effective. But, on top of the bad food in the community, there are non food related illnesses as well that effect our community more than anyone else and finding adequate care has always and continues to be problematic.

Yet the biggest concern in the Black community are jobs. And that word job is such an ambiguous word, but looking cross all industries, it’s shocking how much we are still on the bottom. Even comparable to groups that numbers are smaller than ours. Like I said earlier, we are $2.5 trillion of American spending in this country, and the fact that we are so high on the unemployment scale is beyond me. Our dollars some of the most valuable in the world, but we are some of the economically poorest group in the world. And a lot of that has to do with spending outward and in not inward. Our dollars leave our pockets and travel into other pockets, while that same one dollar elsewhere circulates in another group’s community multiple times before leaving. And in the end these are the primary focuses of the community. Sports is good and all, but if you want to make an even bigger impact on the community it starts in these key areas. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“We are not as open you may might think?”

The topic of diversity today has recently been on the forefront of the fight toward equality in America. Everywhere you turn, you hear we need more diversity, we need more diversity. We need more representatives of people in varying ethnic groups. Then we say, well what about women of all ethnic groups. And you also hear, we need more representation from the LGBT community. And lastly, of course you have the religious side stating how much they need the freedom to worship how they please. But how much diversity does society really want? It sounds good to say we are all tolerant of another group of people. Yet, are we really tolerant, or is it just another buzz word that will eventually go away.

Let’s observe what it means to be diverse in America. That term diversity is ambiguous depending on who is formulating the opinion. If you are speaking with a liberal White female, the topic of gender is the diversity argument. If the person is an African American man or woman, then diversity might fall along the lines of ethnicity. If the person is gay, then there need to be more LGBT geared initiatives. And if you are Muslim, then religion is big on your list. But how far do people really want to stretch their diversity? We all have these open views until it’s time to make a few choices in life: dating, raising children, choices for college, and choosing what neighborhood to live.

For starters, let’s observe the dating scene. People always say diversity, then when choosing to date outside of their ethnicity, the diversity claim starts to come under question. When it comes to employment we jump for joy, but not dating. And I know we have become more relaxed to the idea today than the past, but don’t be fooled, it’s still a problem to a lot of people. If we’re going to talk diversity, why not go all the way. We just had Barack Obama, our former President of the United States, who was a product of a biracial relationship. Yet there are still have people who even voted for him, preaching diversity, would prefer their children marry within their own ethnicity. That hypocrisy is hard to understand. But does it only extend to dating.

No, when it comes to raising children we are complete opposite. We are these liberals, until they are born. Once children are born, then everyone of us becomes raging conservatives. Living here in New York City, there was a story on the news where parents in Brooklyn were worried where their children would be going to school. None of them were screaming, “Yes, our children will be in a diverse school.” They were shook by how their children would be effected going to school with kids from the inner city communities. But why not send your children to the school? Because they’ll get a real diverse experience: lower, middle, and upper class students. A kid from every ethnic background. Yet it’s tougher than that because reality set in, and you know how detrimental it is to send your child to a rough school.

Well, what about education, and I when I say education, I mean college. We really hear liberal views coming from college. But I have heard in the Black community the idea of maintaining the HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). But if we are on the diversity wave, there is no use for the HBCU’s. Why, well, HBCU’s were for a time when Black kids could not attend predominantly White institutions. Now, we are able to enroll at schools where we were once rejected from. So, the HBCU’s are now failing because of the lack of enrollment. Meaning, if you are from California and want to go to college, you can attend UCLA, USC, Cal U, or Stanford. Why travel all the way across the country to the south when a state school is right there; and the damn good one at that. So, diversity opens the door, yet it closes others.

But there is still one more area where we preach diversity, and that is living arrangements. We all talk about living in diverse communities, yet cautious to actually move to them. Like I said before, I live in New York City, and there is diversity in The Bronx. But so many people don’t want to move there. As a matter of fact, these same open liberals. Why not, The Bronx and Harlem are very diverse communities. Yet, the energy of the environment has a lot of people nervous. Me, I like the neighborhoods, but I see the caution on so many faces. Faces that have attacked Trump for his comments, don’t want to live around certain groups in certain neighborhoods themselves.

You see, in the end, we all say the words, yet how many actually live that way. Diversity is one of those overused words in America today, but when we actually make a move, then people become irritated. As a matter of fact, some of the same people who push the agenda. I myself am not against diversity, my only opinion is people want you to believe when they don’t. I say be the example, and be the first to jump out there. Don’t just state a feeling, live it. 

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“Which side are you on?”

Conservative talk host of The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren was suspended this past week amidst comments she had made while on air. They weren’t her usual conservative views, but views that swayed a little in the opposite direction. These views got her suspended from The Blaze. Now, people on the left would see this as a good thing. I myself lean a little more left than right, yet I had to take a closer look at this one. Tomi Lahren has been outspoken for quite some time regarding her political viewpoints. But now she’s suspended for statements regarding pro-choice on abortion. Hmm, I find it odd, well why odd.

We live in a country where you have to pick a side on a particular issue. If you pick that side then fine. But if you question something from that side which goes against the side you will lose big. It’s because agendas in America are about not crossing the viewpoint line. As long as you’re down for what I’m pushing, I’m fine with you. But the moment I disagree, I become the biggest piece of garbage around. It’s because we have factions, and a disagreement means a divide in the faction. This is a main reason why I can’t watch the news. They’re places where people fight for ratings, not necessarily seeking the truth in what they report.

What do I mean by the news, I mean both liberal (CNN) and conservative (FOX). And anytime I talk to people, they tend to have one station they patronize. But, since when is it rational to have one viewpoint in the world. How do you not challenge a belief system instead of blindly following. Yet if you challenge the belief you can lose a job. So what should you do in this world? Should you speak up and speak out, or shut up and fall in line? Are you going to take the righteous road or the say what’s expected of you road? Tomi Lahren honestly thought she could speak from her own morale. When in reality, you speak by way of who makes your career.

She received what amounted to a career assault on her person. Someone walked by groped her, and when she turned around to swat them away, the person had long gone. Now who do you complain to regarding this assault? But is it all the conservatives? My answer to that is absolutely not; it just happened to Tomi. There are plenty of liberals that are phony in their agenda. Men and women in the fashion industry ostracized Tiffany Trump at a runway show for the comments her father made. But let’s be clear, he is supposedly disrespectful toward women, yet they have spent years degrading women on their physical appearance. Trump is supposed to be bigoted, yet fashion designers use hundreds of models at fashion weeks, but when it comes to Black women their comment is same, “It’s not my astatic.”

Not my astatic has been used so much when describing working with Black people, that it has become subject for much debate. Hollywood actors stand and criticize, yet would never throw a Hollywood executive’s name under the bus for excluding minorities from acting roles or women from directing jobs. So the left is just as bad as the right. In the end, there is no real side to take. Now the book 48 laws of power speaks against standing alone. Yet standing with a group is just as dangerous in society. I guess agendas will always be apart of our world. In that case, there will always be a constant rotation of Tomi’s being ripped for showing that divide in the faction as well.


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“Who is isolation more dangerous for, you or me?”

Over the past year leading up to the United States presidential election, we have heard the topic of a wall being built between the USA and the Mexican border. No one else has talked more about this particular topic than president elect Donald Trump. Though through all the scrutiny and controversy, Trump managed to win the election. Now the topic of the wall being built along the border has been talked about more now than any other time. Even the former president of Mexico Vicente Fox commented on Trump’s plans for the border. Fox stated that Mexico won’t be building such a wall and if one is built it will come at the expense of taxpayers in America.

Now the question that I ask is that from a political viewpoint we have to protect the U.S. My only question now is if building walls are good for a nation or are they bad for a nation. Every decision you make could be viewed as good or bad. But with any one you choose, you have to take the other side as well. Meaning, you can’t have all good and no bad. You can’t think that everything will be glorious afterward. So what are the positives and negatives of having a wall to separate you if possible. Well let’s take a look at that question.

What are the positives of building a wall? For starters, you can better protect a nation. You are able to keep tabs on who is entering a country and when. When the September 11th attacks that claimed the lives of a few thousand took place, the hijackers managed to enter the country through student visas. Now that’s not the wall that Trump is referring to, but he also made a statement about keeping tabs on people coming from the Middle East as well. Looking at this from a social aspect it can cause tension, but politically it makes sense. If the majority of the people causing problems are arising from individuals coming in from that same part of the world, it’s rational to keep tabs. In addition to the wall in Mexico, the narcotics problem that has for a long time been an issue in America is now more under control. So when you look at the plan from a rational standpoint it makes perfect; Trump’s plan.

As with the good, is also the negative feedback. What are the repercussions from building a wall? One of the issues is that Americans consume a lot of resources. As a matter of fact, so much so, we are forced to go outside the country. Scientifically, if every person in the world ate like Americans it would take three planets to feed the world. And where are two of those places we consume resources from; you got it, the two places Trump has attacked the most. Our oil for uses in mass transportation in the Middle East and the production of automobiles & vegetation/crops in Mexico. Now, everyone is emotional from the election, Trump himself can’t make emotional decisions.

When you do live in a country where your citizens consume so much, but want boundaries on nations, you must be careful the way you communicate with outside nations you need. It could effect mass production on a global scale and ultimately hurt your country. Another reason why walls are bad ties into the resources. Isolation is dangerous to the person or people who isolate themselves. Understand that the world has resources, America can’t sustain alone. So this country need the planet, not the planet needing America.

So in the end, there is always a good and bad with any decision you make. Especially a decision that would require isolation. The good is you know who is in your country, but the bad is that you isolate and hurt yourself. But whatever the case may be, Trump has a pretty tough job for himself moving forward with the building of a wall. Is it good or bad, I don’t know , only time will tell if it does.