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“How did we figure it out?”


Upon ejaculation the sperm enters the vagina and sticks to the walls. There is no guarantee that the sperm will get her pregnant, but for the sake of the topic let’s say she does. Of the millions of sperm that make the destination, only one will fertilize the egg. And once that happens, over the course of 9 months a baby is born into the womb of a woman. Then, when it’s time, a child will be brought into this world. That child will grow and most likely give life, thus the continuation of the human chain of existence. Now my question is, how did the first humans manage to make it happen?  How did the first people manage to know that sex would create a human? What was the thing that they attempted which made them engage in sex.

accidental intercourse

What if we found out about sex by accident? Maybe we were trying to figure things out as humans would today, and stumbled upon procreation. The discovery of anything has come by way of accident. Human arousal is the same as any other mammal. And yet we tried numerous ways to cope with this sense of arousal. As with a monkey placing a stick in a hole to try to worm out ants, that is an accident in itself. You see this being of the opposite sex, not understanding why we feel a certain way, we test things out. The sense of touch has aided man in figuring out a lot. But once they figured out that intercourse not only created humans, but brought about pleasure, it became paramount to our existence.

in the know

Once we became aware, it was time to expand beyond our borders into other areas. Because the curiosity about ourselves became more important. Also the numbers of us grew into greater amounts, so we moved out from which we initially dwell. But putting ourselves in the know does not only aid us in the past, but also in the future to come. And what’s crazy, there are families we will never know their existence because they didn’t figure it out and died off.

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Related image“Is there still room for growth?”

We as humans have been evolving for millions of years. But have we hit a wall and are now devolving? Because when I look at how we use technology and how we communicate, I’m starting to see this weird trend. It’s almost as if people have this amazing technology, but they are using it to push us backward instead of forward. We argue, we fight, and we use it to kill. Now the few chosen people who use it build will always grow. But what about the rest? Or, maybe I’m just being paranoid because we are living in real time.


Because living in real time, everything seems bad, until we look back in time. But let me ask you a question, do you feel that life is going backward? Or could it be that also we are in the testing period of all this great technology. In the testing period, we appear to be going backward, but really we’re working out all the kinks. What we could be seeing are the defective people who are using technology in the wrong manner. And it is causing us to appear like moving backward is real. But are we really?


Now, if you know anything about science, you would know, it’s not possible to digress. And the reason being that once you open people’s minds to the possibilities, you can never go back. It’s impossible to go back to eight track tapes once you see the magic of digital. It’s impossible to go back to life where women were forced to be at home now that women have a position in our workforce. And with that said, the mind continues to expand, especially the more we build and the more we challenge ourselves. The mind can’t stop evolving because every generation is looking to outshine the previous.


For the regions of the world that never shift, you’re going to have a large demographic of people stuck in limbo. And one reason is because as science and technology shifts, their beliefs don’t change. And the evolution of the mind of these places are going to get left behind. But like I said, we don’t digress with the human brain. So what will happen, those who refuse to change won’t have to worry about enemies, their own youth will fight back. Then you’ll be stuck in a decision to fight them or deal; and to continue the civilization, you will have to deal.


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“Her bond is different than our bond.”

When a woman is pregnant, there is a bond she creates with her child that no man is able to understand. The following link is of a video of a woman right after giving birth with her child exemplifying that bond between mother and child. ( And I have always wondered, why don’t men have the same bond with the kid that the mother has. It’s because of human nature. But then I also began to think a little deeper as it pertains to fatherhood. And I have asked myself a question. When observing the human species as a mammal, were men meant to be in the lives of children? Was that evolution’s goal was to create an attachment? Or is being a father a human construct?

Because as a man, we have to build a relationship with that kid. Moms immediately have that bond because the baby grows inside of her. So the bond is more pure than with a man. That’s why when a woman leaves her child, it can be more hurtful than the father. But once again, does nature create these boundaries or do people have a hand in how we have relationships with children. In my opinion, I think it’s a little bit of both. We are very much dictated by social norms, yet nature is still there lingering. So what does this all mean regarding who we are as a species. And to narrow it down, I mean as men. Will there ever come a time where we will have that same connection?

And yes, I know as time goes on, children recognize us and we eventually become dad. But why does this exist. Because our biological attachment happens in the very very beginning. So by the time the human is fully created, we have no real attachment except for the creation of that human. But, I will say, there is something quite emotional once that kid arrives. There is a level of attachment that father has for that kid. The kid does not quite understand it, but the parent understands the importance of the parental-kid relationship. And that has a lot to do with our conscious as people.

And in the end, our consciousness gives us the ability to make sound decisions. And that decision is being there for your child. Other creatures in the wild generally let there children go at a far younger age than humans. But with the conscious we are given we stick around and raise them until we feel they have reached an appropriate age to leave the house. And without that, humanity most likely would not have lasted as long as we have lasted. Hopefully as time progress, we’ll find out more about ourselves. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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