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“We were kings, kings no more.”

our economy

The United States economy has been the leaders of of the world for decades as far as our economy. But in the recent years, the country of China has become the new face of the global marketplace. Their GDP eclipsed the United States, and there could be others to come along next. Yet the United States has since then regain control as the number one country.

But who will it be to surpass the United States? And another question is, why would another country surpass the United States? A country which has long been the nation that the rest of the world looked to as the standard.


As I said before, we all know that the country of China is America’s main competition. But who is next to come from behind and rival our country?


They are a force to be reckoned with, not only because their economy as it pertains to GDP is fourth in the world, but they are also known for their Image resultengineering. America is not the innovators of the world anymore, and Germany ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall has been making leaps and bounds in growing their economy. Who knows, they could be the pinnacle of freedom in the future.


A fast growing economy that is rapidly in a position to rival China with a growth rate increase by at least .1% each year. Doesn’t sound like much, but Horizontal tricolor flag bearing, from top to bottom, deep saffron, white, and green horizontal bands. In the centre of the white band is a navy-blue wheel with 24 spokes.when you are talking trillion dollar economies, even .1% is a lot of growth. That means India currently has approximately a $2.2 trillion economy; with .1% growth, that’s $2.2 billion dollars.


Japan has had to rally back from an economic crash that took place in the Image resultearly 1990’s. But they are on the upswing with an economy that is fifth in the world. They could eventually be the next nation in the distant future to rival the United States.

it ain’t all about numbers

Even with so many countries coming from behind the United States, it’s not all about the numbers. There is a personal/social piece that makes America stand out from the rest. And freedom that we have exist, but there are also major barriers in other countries as well. Don’t get me wrong, we have our problems, but we are a tough force to be reckoned with on Earth.

You would need more than just numbers to surpass America. Because we still have a population of whatever group could pass us in America contributing to this country.

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“Complicit in the crime, yet who really knew the full magnitude?”

It has been 72 years since the Second World War ended, where the Nazi’s were defeated and removed from Europe. And since then, answers to questions that have loomed over time have been uncovered, but other questions have still stood. One of the most asked questions is to what degree did people really know what Adolf Hitler was doing. And who played what role in doing what. Because it doesn’t give any credibility to aiding anyone getting off because they were all complicit. But it makes you wonder who really knew the magnitude of what was going on. Meaning, did the citizens understand what they were really getting themselves into. We know public officials knew to a great degree what was happening with Anti-Jewish rhetoric, but how many of them knew of the mass murders. Is some of this what led to the attempted assassination of Hitler?

Yes, there were multiple attempts on the life of Adolf Hitler either from people who disagreed with his Anti-Semitic sentiment and/or did not want to find themselves in a major war they could not win. Is this because they allowed him to get away with so much and once they realize the magnitude of their actions, it was far too late. And that is what makes me question the who knew what, when, where, and how. Because to say the country knew, or not just the country, all of Europe speaks to an even bigger concern. And that is what is making me question how many people were making the major decisions. Because let’s go with that more just a moment. And that being that the entire continent of Europe knew; what in the hell is wrong with European people.

And the reason for me saying that is because, once the war was over, former Nazi SS, all the way up to top public officials went to jail. And you mean to tell me the citizens were ok to be free. You mean it was in the books that Jews needed to be exterminated, now Europe is fine after the war. Implying that everyone knew the full magnitude would state that European culture is sicker than we know, and what, they’re good people today. So there had to have been fewer people aware of the death camps. Yes, of course the Nazi guards over the camps knew, they saw first hand the violence because they doled it out. But their families, friends, neighbors; did any of them have a clue. Now, like I stated prior, people were still complacent because they agreed with the robbing of Jewish businesses, removing them from their homes, and packing them onto trains headed to who knows where. But who knew of death camps, and what was that immediate feeling after people found out?

Because in the end, if the country of Germany knew all in all, then an atomic bomb should have been dropped on Germany. But the Nazi Party controlled a large portion of Europe, so a bomb should have come to use proceeding the war. So either a lot of people were complacent, but still didn’t know of the genocide, or they knew and Europeans are all encompassing bad people. Because just to kill the guards and public officials was not good enough if everyone knew and participated. The punishment to Europe should have been a lot worse. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“We’re all baboons, it’s just the difference between the lead baboon and the rest of the baboons is a mind frame.” “The lead baboon has the mind to get you in the mood.” “The other baboons perceive the lead to be smart; they lack the cognitive ability to decipher between what is rational and what is irrational.” “Hard to be of sound mind when one is driven by so much emotion.”

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