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“Mentally broken.”


Have you ever had a moment of or moments in your life where you think something internally is wrong, but isn’t? I have spoken in the past about being a hypochondriac, where you might make something small and meaningless into something much bigger. For me, it has always been health, and I probably couldn’t be any healthier. Well, what is it, what has me thinking about poor health even in good health? Better yet, why do any of us build in our minds that we are worse off than we are in life. There are so many people with real problems, and here you are worry about nothing. So many sick people truly wish they could be in my shoes right now.


The fear that you are in poor health is actually a few factors. One of the reasons has to do with the idea that you fear tomorrow and the day after that, and so on. Meaning, the fear of aging is on so many people’s minds. We sometimes hope that we are sick so that we don’t have to deal with the idea of losing people close to us. But dying for you so young hurts so many people that it almost becomes selfish on your behalf to feel that way. Another fear comes from maybe not wanting to die, but the idea of dying never accomplishing your goals. So many are cut short of what they strive to become, and those are the stories that hurt the most. Other fears can also come into play as well: not amounting to what others may think of you, not wanting to live in financial straights, and fear of having too many expect too much of you and not being able to live up to the expectations.


Now, in dealing with these mental-emotional issues, you have to keep yourself busy with something you love in life. Because death is the inevitable, we all are going to perish one day. And constantly thinking about it can be a sign that ones life is empty. That is not to be mistaken with not having anything to do. It just means you need another outlet that will take your mind off of always thinking of the end. Yet, once you lose someone close to you, it becomes harder to push into the back of your mind. But controlling the mind will help you maintain your sanity and stress levels.

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