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“How to feed self.”

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I have written in previous articles regarding horticulture and growing your own crop. Even recently I wrote about the GMO’s that are in our food. But what is the science behind planting your own crop in your backyard or on land? People in America used to be farmers, now we receive much of our crop overseas, we don’t even know the first steps in our own farming anymore. I have been thinking about this recently since wanting to buy my own house one day. Do I buy a really nice house, or smaller home but utilize the land for other means. Because that house looks nice, but the land used for growing crop is a good business.


The obstacles you would think are the growing of the crop: how to plant and how to keep growth moving along. But the main obstacles to farming would have to be the government regulations. If you want to grow crop for your own personal usage, then get straight to it. But if you want to have any operation that is going to be generating profit, then these are the following permits you will need for crops and livestock:

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit

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Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation Permits

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New Source Review Permitting

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

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Pesticide Label

Worker Protection Standard

Certification and Training Regulation

Environmental Protection Act (Endangered Species)

Waste Pesticides

Facility Standards

Underground Storage Units/Tanks

Clean Water

giving it a go

So far we have been just talking about it, why not give it a try. I wonder what type of farmer I would truly become if I tried farming. And from the looks of how health consicous our society has become, it will either be growing your own crop of forcing farms to have better standards. Yes, we can tell from the list above we already have enough standards. But there are still practices that need to change in our society. And I not only referring to the United States, but globally.

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“We feed more for less, and build a nation in the process.”

The Working Poor

We are living in a modern civilization, yet we still have so many nations around the world that are underdeveloped. These are countries where populations still live like people did few hundred years ago. Countries that extend from African nations, throughout Asia, and across the Pacific Ocean to the Americas. Even though the United States has a poverty level, we still are in a country where you can elevate from poverty to a better life. In some nations, you are born poor and that’s it for you. Now, my question for the topic today is, “Can we lease lands in these poor nations to grow a multitude of crop, lower the cost of fruits and vegetables, yet bring a nation up in the process.

Fertile Land Not In Use

So much land in the world is not in use that could be used for growing crops. And what must be done so that this land can be utilized? This is not the 1300’s when people used to ride on horseback and take land. There are governmental measures in place where things cannot happen. Which is another reason for the holdup of using land for growing. But, let’s say for instance we are able to work around the bureaucracy that is the systems of the world. What can be done with the land we have on Earth that no one uses? The graph below shows how much land we use as humans on Earth. And a lot of that land is in these underdeveloped countries. As for land that can be used to farm, the majority is concentrated in the Americas and Africa.

Subsidy For Farmers – Africa

Africa is a place that could grow crop in mass for business. And for some reason, the governments are not utilizing enough of this land. What could work is the government creating a subsidy program for people to grow their own crops and sell outward. Meaning, those who qualify, would be able to grow crop and those that want to conduct in business could reach out for a chain of commerce. For example, there is a designated amount of land for farming. Qualifying people who can contribute to the nation, that show they have the skill to do so, could farm. Now granted, a lot of these individuals are poor, the government could lease out this land to those with the best skills. So as they make money, they pay the government out the pot. And in order to generate revenues, for themselves, sell harvest to nations like the United States. You would decrease poverty by creating jobs in these countries, and America could lower the cost to our own consumers. Because with the world heading in the direction it’s going, people are running out of land, and their sights are set on these nations. And if Africa won’t use it, these countries will, to build their own nations.

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