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“Work harder to be noticed.”

it takes time to climb

Who wouldn’t want to walk on the job and become the CEO on the first day. And that is a thought process of a young generation today. This idea that you don’t have to put years and years into your career to climb to where you want to go. And the reason for the mentality is because parents have not prepared their children for the real world. Now the employer has to deal with the grunt of what their parents failed to do themselves. Now, some employers just write it off and let it become the parents’ fault. They shouldn’t have raised their child/children to be so entitled. Yet, we have to ask ourselves, what is the real reason why the entitlement exist. Because there are people much older with an entitled attitude.

it starts young

When you are growing up, it is parents job to rear you in a certain way. Their job is to tell you about the world and prepare you so you don’t end up being someone’s problem but someone’s asset. And when the parents fail, then what you have is a young person coming into the workplace not realizing they have to build. And in this generation is has a lot to do with the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality. So the young person must be deprogrammed and then they will be able to live in society. This means hitting them with the real world at once. It will force them to change and a means of survival.

the time it takes

If you want to know why it takes so much time, it’s because you have to put so many hours of time and experience into your craft. And the craft can be a slow build depending on the career move you are making in life. So don’t be shocked if you find yourself building for 20 years. So be prepared for the long journey, if not you won’t get far in life.

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“We have become a nation of spies.”

In the recent years, more and more people have found themselves in constant trouble for their personal lives and personal views. But there is a catch to what I just said, “Their lives.” Yet how do they get into trouble for their personal lives and views? Well, it’s because we as a society get each other in trouble. We as American people have become a nation where we love to get each other in jams. It usually ends with someone losing a job or some other opportunity in life. And to top it off, the people who want you in trouble the most are just as awful at times as the people they attack. We sit and wait, especially for a public figure to say or do anything remotely bad, and we pounce on them. As if we are perfect and have never done anything in life.

But where does it all come from; where did it start? What has turned us into these type of people? Have we always been this way, or is it new because of this new social media space. There have always been the nosy neighbor, but at this rate at which we turn on each other, I think not. The attacks usually come from people whose lives are not where they want them to be. They are people who represent the down and out, the shut out; and now they have a voice. It’s almost like these people have formed a coalition and have forged ahead against anything that is seen as in a better position than themselves. And instead of ignoring it, we feed into to it, then it gets worse and worse. So why do people feel the need to ruin your life because their lives are so bad? Because no one in a good space is going to want to see you falter the way this group does.

We are in a nation where people feel so broken and down. Jobs have been hard to come by, so anyone in a better situation is seen as having an easy life. And if you get upset about anything, then you’re not grateful because how can you have problems, you have money. So whenever someone says or does anything that is unpopular and they’re in a position, let’s attack because my life sucks. I want someone to feel the same pain as me. These people in a higher position are forced to apologize while that apology gives the upset person a bit of gratitude and power in a world where they are usually powerless. And that’s what we’re doing in society, we are giving power a lot of times to the powerless. And you start to introduce all these emotions into the equation.

And in the end, it’s a problem because we are slowly but surely losing our rights. And we are losing rights because of each other. The government is not stepping into our lives. We are enforcing our will on each other. You let me look into your window and anything you do inside your home that’s my business I will look to get you into trouble for doing so. I just wonder what the future holds as more technology enters our lives. Will we see more people in trouble? Or will so much about another be in our society that it can’t be used against us any longer.



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“Always got your hand out.”

In the household where I come from, I was under the impression that no one in this world owed you anything. As a child, my mother let us know that I am doing for you while you’re in this house. But the moment you become an adult, you’re on your own, unless you’re in school or making an effort to be something in life. Yet there was something my mother never wanted to do. She never wanted to start this whole road of something for nothing mindset. Because like I said, the world owes you nothing. Anything in this world you want, you had better be ready to go out and stake your own claim. But where does this entitlement come from in our society?

It hasn’t always been here like it is today. You had prior generations that went out and worked at a young age. As a matter of fact, you had kids in the early 1900’s working in coal minds side by side with their parents. Now days are spent playing video games on televisions or computers. Letting time pass you by while engaging in wasteful activities on cell phones. Which brings us to the first reason why people feel entitled. The technology in America has sped so much up, people think that there should be something allotted to them quick and instant. They don’t realize that the technology itself that speeds so much up took a lot of time to build. And when I say time, I mean some stuff as long as decades to build.

With the click of a mouse or the touch of the screen, we are instantly taken to our destination. That can make people think something should be given to them pretty fast. But it’s not just the technology that makes people think they are owed something. This same mind frame exist in the employment field as well. This whole my 75% is your 100%, and we all should be given something when we are clearly not putting in the same amount of work. A trend that has started from schools in children and has followed all the way into their adulthood. Now that you’re in the real world, you don’t realize that you’re not special. No one is going to hold you close and tell you everything is going to be alright. And that’s when you learn you’re not this beautiful and talented person, but more so that you are mundane because you have not put real time and energy into being great at what you do.

And you would think with what has been said so far, the owing stops there; no it doesn’t. People feel that you have made money, so it is your job to give them something. In their minds, “You have it, why not give me something.” Then they try to use the excuse of God blesses you to help other people. When in reality, that’s true, but there is something they are leaving out. God blesses people to help those who have made an initiative to put themselves in a better place. Giving people things without making them earn it causes you to be a crutch and it cripples them. It also creates a lack of respect that the person has for something you do give to them.

See, in the end, you want something in life, you have to be willing to go into the world and stake your own claim. Because the only person who has a stake in interest in you doing anything is you. I used to ask questions of the elders about back in their young days. I remember how my late grandmother would say growing up in the South, everybody had some plot of land. Didn’t matter how big or small, it still fed your family. And it was important you tended to your land since it depended on how you and your family ate. Because if your crop didn’t come through, your family didn’t eat. You were not owed anything and no one cared. Life was tough, but it was fair because we all have the capability to get out the bed and work. What’s that saying, we all have 24 hours in a day, what you choose to do with yours is your business.



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“Why are we the way we are?”

You guys are so spoiled! You expect everything to be handed to you! You can’t take losing! You won’t be able to handle the real world! These are just a few of the things people say about my generation. But in order to call us these names you have to understand why we are the way that we are in society. You can’t just call us names then dismiss the reasons why we are this way as an age group. Well I have a few theories as to why my age group have such mentalities that tend to irritate the generations prior to us.


This is a big reason as to why we are the way we are as a generation. With the introduction of the internet we can retrieve information a lot faster. But with getting everything faster it has made us not appreciate the things we get. But we did not create the internet for the expedited expectations.Image result for tech I remember being in middle school when we first got our computer in the house. I was on that thing for hours surfing the web. The internet was not as advanced as it is today, but in the year 2001, it still was good for that time. Search engines were still fairly new so you had to WWW.COM everything you were looking for. As a matter of fact, putting the entire URL was needed for quite a few. But this started the I need this, then click away. Forget going to the library, it was all about the web. But is the web enough to contribute to us as a generation. Are there other aspects of the web?


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Tinder, Grindr, Pinterest and many others have invaded the web. As much as these websites have made us feel connected, they have also effected our daily lives both negatively and positively. The positives of course have been that we can connect with people know Image result for social mediaand stay in touch. We can reunite with those we have not spoken to in years. The daily news is not a medium you need a television to watch. And politically, we have become more involved. We also can network for employment opportunities as well (LinkedIn). But with the positives come the negatives. The open hate as well as how comfortable people have become expressing their disdain. (Twitter). Social media has allowed you the availability of taking on a fake persona to remain anonymous. In addition social media has effected intimate lives. We no longer have to wait to build a relationship with anyone because of the immediacy of casual dating (Tinder, Grindr, Cuddle). Where people use to have a courting process, now there is a meet me in an hour, hook up, see you later if ever mentality. Our social media has also become this environment of vanity & fascination with ourselves; posting our likeness for public approval (Instagram, Shanpchat, Pinterest, and YouTube)


What about the pop culture that has become a lot more important in our lives over the years.Related image For instance the music we listen to. Our famous musicians are so influential they effect the way young people dress and talk. It’s a relationship that a lot of parents have taken issue with in this country. Why because parents don’t want their children listening to certain types of music. But that’s one of the reasons why the music is so popular is because the parents hate it so much.Image result for oscars Well then what about the films our generation watch on television and in theaters. In an environement that has created this sense of everyone wants to be famous. It’s why we create vine videos and other video streams with hopes that maybe someone in Hollywood might notice us. Some girl is aspiring to be the next Jennifer Lawrence and of young boys pushing to be as funny as Kevin Hart.

Or maybe our age could be the result of the everyone gets a trophy mentality. The only problem is that the greater portion of millennial actually do grasp the concept of winning and losing. However you see it, we are the way we are because we didn’t come out this way. We are the product of a combination of parenting as well as the flooding of mass media/entertainment. The internet, film, music, and television has shaped a great portion of our age group. But we didn’t create the internet and still our not the movers and shakers. Yet every generation feels their  generation is great and the one before are babies. It has been forever and will always be that way. Because everyone wants to be that great group with all the answers.