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“Dare to be different.”


In our society today, you see so much entertainment that is based around so many people sounding the same and looking the same. How do you know one person from the other. Everything you turn on is just the same as the next thing. So in a world, where I myself am an artist, it seems that you have to be sometimes the norm to be relevant; but do you?

the pack

What if I dare to be different as most would say. Does that mean I will be seen for certain? Because in the entertainment world, people want their success right now. So when they see another person’s formula working, they run with that. But it’s not you, you’re the rest of the pack. Find your voice and stick to it, but that it easier said than done.


There are so many different ways to standout from the pack and not get caught up in what else is being done in entertainment. But we become so disillusioned by what is hot right at this moment, we are in a trance until it’s too late. cinema, dark, displayIt’s why you are supposed to exercise your creativity like any other muscle in your human body. I think this is the reason when it comes to entertainment, I try my best to not get caught up too much into what is hot. Because what is hot is always getting replaced. So stick to your guns and keep at it.

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“Making magic for money.”


Artistry has been apart of the human experience since the days of cavemen and women. Form paintings on the cave walls to the canvas, we have always aimed at expressing ourselves through some form of artistry. But for so long, we have only had a select venues for showcasing our work. Well, at least venues that were open to us making a living.

Now there are so many different outlets to making an income for an artist. You don’t need the gatekeepers like in the past.


Thanks to social media, you can now get your work out there a lot easier than people of the past. Artist in the past needed some sort of investor or sponsor to help push their projects out into the world. For example, Instagram is very pivotal in publishing videos and even pictures of all the work you want to showcase. Facebook is also a place where people can see your art as well as YouTube, Hulu, and Vimeo. These places serve as a house for your work to be displayed.


As with the good of being an Indie artist, there are the drawbacks. And the drawbacks is that there are so many good artists, that it’s easier to get lost in the pack of talent. You must be able to distinguish yourself from everyone else doing what you’re doing. Meaning if you want to be a dancer, just dancing is not a good path to follow. You have to have a niche that people love.

Another problem is artist a lot of times are not business minded. So trying to sell their work is a lot more difficult because they are generally introverted. And in order to be a good salesperson you must put yourself out there in the world. But still, with the downsides, it’s still a good time to be an artist.

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