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“A match made in heaven.”

food! food! food!

Americans love our fast food restaurants. We love them so much that we have developed food related illnesses due to the fact that we eat out so much. We have such a love for fast food, that we now know it would take 3 planets to feed humanity if everyone on Earth ate like an American.

Fries and Burger on Plate

Well why; why are we so enamored with the idea of eating fast food? We sing about it, dance about it, make movies about it (Super Size Me). But this is not some recent phenomenon, we have been this way for quite some time. I’m 30 years old, and it has been this way my entire life as well as my 57 year old mother.

how it all started

As men came home from the second world war and families began to settle in suburban communities, the need for something to support these growing families commercially was of use. So what happened, you started to see mass production of cars, clothes, and homes. And that’s when restaurant chains started popping up.

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But they weren’t these global chains during the time period. They were small stores that served the community where they were built. But once the drive thru was instituted, it changed everything in this country. Now, we could order food and it is ready in less than 60 seconds. And that is how addiction started.

it’s more than a meal, it’s religion

We not only love to eat food, we talk about food, and we have cooking channels. It’s so much that is built around food in America that it could easily be mistaken for religion. The bible speaks of glutton, and it was ahead of its time. Because America personifies that ideology. The overindulgence of food that we order food after we go grocery shopping.

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It could eventually catch up with us, and in some regards have when you look at health. But for now, there is no sign of slowing down.

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